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MG TD TF 1500 - Convince a Tall Person

An odd request perhaps. Would some/any of you share "testimonials" regarding tall people that worry will they fit in an MG TD? Someone was extremely interested in purchasing one of my cars, but is now worried it may be too small - he's especially concerned that his head will be too far above the windscreen. I would appreciate offsetting arguments to this concern.
Extremely Grateful, Jerry
Jerry Chandler 1951 TD

I'm 6'2" and fit. Not easily but...
Geoffrey M Baker

Thanks, Geoffrey. I am 6'2" at about 290 pounds. Personally,I have always found the that enjoyment, fun, and adventure far outweigh the problems and inconveniences of our LBCs! Jerry
Jerry Chandler 1951 TD

I'm with you Jerry.

Only "issues" I have (6'1") is 1) need to wear narrow shoes 'cause the close pedal spacing, 2) top edge of windscreen lines up with stoplights at some X (100'?) distance from the light so have to bob head to see if light changes as I go through. Latter may be issue of me wearing glasses too.

Every car has it's issues even modern ones.
R Biallas


I'm just shy of 6'3", 220 lbs and I just fit.
The first week I had the TF I almost ran over two older ladies in a crosswalk when I didn't see the crosswalk lights because the top of the windshield frame was at eye level.

I barely missed swinging around them at the last second and stopped 15 feet past them. What really hurt was when one old gal shook her fist at me and yelled,"You're a menace!"

I soon learned how to dip my head up and down to spot the traffic lights thereafter.

And as already stated, I wear a narrower shoe when driving the TF to keep from hitting the incorrect pedal.
Its all a short learning curve.

But of my 3 antique cars, the TF is the one I have had the most fun in.

G Burgess

I'm 6'5" and fit but that is with no under dash panel (that is where my knees go) and a extra modified seat cushion with a lower profile. Never drive the car with the top up as I would not be able to see the high mounted traffic lights that this state seems insistent on doing in contrast to other states that place at least one on a pole on the RH curb side about 10 feet off the ground. Biggest problem is extracting my legs when exiting. Why did MG not see fit to cut the door opening a bit farther forward into the side of the cowl?
John Quilter

I am 6" 2", my wife is 5' 3" and we via for the use of the TD. I have the seat back as far back as possible and my wife has a pillow that puts her close enough to reach the pedals. We have owned and driven our TD since 1974, complete with 2 kids (they would probably hang us with today's laws about child seats) and a 90 pound German Shepard. If your potential buyer wants a really great car for fun, he/she should purchase the car and do what is necessary to fit in the car - it can be done. Cheers - Dave
DW DuBois

I was over 6'2" (but have now shrunk more than an inch with age). In my road TC I have removed the driver's side seat runners and carpet under the seat. That gives me a lot more room.
Bob Schapel
R L Schapel

When we purchased the TD, I was 6'-7",, now with age, I have shrunk a bit, down to about 6'-5"+,, As John stated above, never had an under dash panel,, Obviously, most driving is with the top down, but also many miles with the top up in inclement weather. No mods to the seats. A smaller diameter Moto Lita wheel helps a lot.
This is a pic taken at Watkins Glenn

Steve Wincze

HHuumm the pic disappeared,,,,

Steve Wincze

Hi Jerry,
I bought a TD in 1961 when I was 6'-3 (have shrunk an inch since). It was my only car for about 2 yrs, then got married to my wife, 5'-7, and it was our only car for about 18 mo.s. We managed fine, thru northern winters, trips, etc.
4-5 yrs ago we decided to get another T, a TF this time. I'd forgotten just how small they are, and I'd gotten somewhat less flexible. But we both still enjoy it. Mostly in warm weather now, occasionally with top up.
54 TF Emma
Al Parker

A smaller steering wheel helps a lot. I find that the main problem is with the pedal spacing. Any bigger than UK size 8 (US 9?), and you need to wear the slimmest shoe that you can get on.
Dave H
Dave Hill

I would be more concerned with width than height :)
You might find you need a smaller steering wheel in order to fit comfortably.
Geoffrey M Baker

Jerry, there are different flavors of 6'1".
There's 6'1' and 20 years old, and 6'1" and 70 years old.
There's 6'1' with short legs and long torso, or with long legs and a short torso.
There's thin, stocky and hefty ...
Basically, if a fellow has doubts the only way to resolve them is to get into the car and drive it.
I'm 6'3" and have gotten as big as 280 lbs. At age 63 fitting into the TD can be an act of will. After I lose 50 pounds it will be less of one.
Here's a picture of me on the car with the top down. The picture angle shows my head farther above the windscreen than it actually is.

Bobby Galvez

And here is another picture of me in the TD - this time with the top up.
It's by no means cramped. Yes, I do have to lower my head to see traffic lights. It's the same in my MGB.
I've found ways to improve my comfort in the car.
My critical thing was that the pedals were too close, my knees were jammed right up under the edge of the dash. It's a question of body type - I see a couple of other members who are taller than me have their knees up under the dash and removed the under dash panel to make room. My knees don't extend that far forward, so I guess my legs are longer from the knee down than between hips and knees.
I had an upholsterer remove about an inch of material from the base of the seat back so that I'd be farther back overall. It helped enormously. So dis the change to a smaller diameter steering wheel.
Where there's a will there's a way is about the long and the short of life with a TD for taller folks.
It's a matter of passion with our MGs. If a fellow needs convincing, it may not be the car for him.
When I got interested in TDs I asked a club member if I could drive his. I realized that it would be tight - but more than this, I realized that it would be. Not maybe, it would be.

Bobby Galvez

In '53 the top got an additional bow. It helps a bit.

Jerry, You'll fit better in a T series than this guy does in a Jag! Grin

Oh yeah, did you get my email?


I'm 6'0", 190 lbs and 70+ years old and I have no problem getting into or have enough space in my TD. I am fortunate to wear size US 9 shoes. Jud
J. K. Chapin

Like Bob Schapel I am an Aussie six footer - 190lb - and need to wear boat shoes so that I can slip my clutch foot (RH drive) between the pedal and the transmission tunnel and rest it against the toeboard. Recently I fitted TR2 bucket seats fixed directly to the floor, over the carpet. I have a 16" Bluemells wheel and no comfort problems.
Peter (TC9356)
Peter Malkin

Try again for photo.
Peter (TC9356)

Peter Malkin

If you think T Types are bad:-
Try "funny car video: tall man getting out of MG sports car" on youtube.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee raybar2(at) tiscalidotcodotuk

Hello again, Paul! Yes, I received your E-mail response. Thank you for your note. I hope to return to Oklahoma Green Country sooner than later. Remember, I tried to have you and an old friend of mine in Broken Arrow get connected - you were searching for a "chrome" in the Tulsa area? My deceased wife was from Okmulgee, and I visited the general area often. Sorry to others for this too long post. Later Paul. Jerry
Jerry Chandler 1951 TD

i'm 6-1 also. i took out the hinges behind the seat. i also took out the pedal extensions. i flipped the brake pedal over so it sits higher than the clutch and allows room for me to push on the gas without hitting the brake. no under dash panel for me either.
it is a tight fit sliding in the door. after that i am fine.
TLW Wright

My only response to this thread, having been 6' 4" at one time in my life, is to forget about using the top. I either don't go out when it's raining or just deal with it. If it ever did rain I would probably just pull over, put the top up and wait until it passes.

I have the 2 bow top and maybe the 3 bow is more useful for very tall people.
Christopher Couper

YES,,, a three bow hood is much more useful for a taller person,,,,

Steve Wincze

Peter M,

My TF, which I bought some 40 plus years ago, also has what I believe are Triumph TR2 seats bolted through the bottom straight onto the floorboards over the carpet. They are as far back as possible and lower than standard seats and work for me at 6 ft 4 ins.

The lack of adjustment is a bit limiting for other drivers but it works so well for me I do not intend to change it.

M R Calvert

They have made a world of difference for us. No more of 25 years sliding from side to side on the bench style back.
Peter (TC9356)
Peter Malkin

When I moved to Rockburn in 2000, I took on a new family doctor. On my first appointment with him, he asked "how tall are you?" to which I replied 5'-7½". "No you're not. Go and stand under the measuring stick"

I thought this old doc was a bit brassy, especially for a first time meeting. But I did go and stand under the measuring stick, and guess what? He was right! I was 5'6½"!

Now, 16 years later, I'm shorter still. No problem getting into the TF, but in a few years, I may need a step-ladder. The PA will be easier - its closer to the ground.

Now you guys want to see a BIG man in a TD; Steve Wincze has got to be "6-foot a hundred". Hopefully he sees this post and shares his magic of how he uncoils his frame into his TD. Ya just gotta be nuts to love these cars!

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gord Clark

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