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MG TD TF 1500 - Coolant Catch System

I recently had to replace a core plug so I drained the cooling system. Once the plug was replaced I refilled the radiator and ran the car until it was warm to let it clear any trapped air and refilled it again. It has pushed a lot of coolant out since then until it finally found its optimum coolant level. My question is, has anyone installed a coolant catch bottle and if so where have you mounted it? It seems like a waste to fill the radiator and then push out the coolant when you can catch and recirculate it. Thanks for your feedback!
A. R. Todd

there are owners who have added a bottle. there is a LOT of info in the archives/ttalk. as you probably know, unless you really modify your cooling system and make it a pressurized one, the car won't run any cooler. once you know your cars "level" if you ever need to refill, just refill to that level and you won't dribble any coolant out. sooo... i really don't understand the need for the bottle. as you state in your post, the radiator finds it's own level and once it does you are set. i ran my car over 3000 miles last year have not added anything and the level is the same when cool as it was 12 months ago. regards, tom
tom peterson

I installed one after I got fed up with re filling after several overheats in stop and go in hot weather. It is a plastic motorcycle overflow bottle, bought on ebay. It is mounted to the front of the battery compartment, which gives it about the right height. Volume about 1 pint. It is connected to the radiator overflow with a plastic tube, so quite simple to install. The bottle has an overflow itself, but it typically fills up halfway and is drained again when the water cools off. Works perfectly and no refills needed after that.

More stylish would be old metal overflows from MGBs or the likes. Also, you can get beautiful chrome or steel overflows for motorcycle tuning, but they cost. I think I even saw an old oil or coolant can used as an overflow- that's the other extreme.

Location wise, I don't think it matters much where it sits, and theoretically height should also not matter - but I'm sure the reflow is easier if it sits level with the top of the waterline

I remember having read some threads here, which triggered me doing it, so check the archives as well

Rgds Mike
Mike Fritsch

Here's mine

Bud Krueger

And here is mine.


Thanks a bunch, guys, for your feedback. I really appreciate your thoughts and pictures as they give me some things to think about.
A. R. Todd

mike, i read your post...i was wondering, what did you do to cure your over heats? regards, tom
tom peterson

Tom, so far nothing really , I'm afraid. Plans include a radiator shroud, and I havent't made up my mind between an electric fan or a 7 blade mechanical replacement. Last summer here was lousy (global warming), so a heater would have higher priority. But both are still on the list...
Rgds Mike
Mike Fritsch

I'm running a 195 degee F. thermostat and I get a lot of steam bubbles if I don't let temperatures equalize before I turn off the engine. This forces out some water. The heater works great but I'm going to have to go to lower temp thermostat.
The Over flow bottle helps a lot saving the water for suck-back when things cool down.
cj schmit

I just used a simple unpressurized plastic bottle, piped with a flexible hose, to the overflow, with a brass tube into the bottle , cut at the bottom end , at an angle (so it would pick up any extra fluid...
Then ran a short tube (about 3 inches long)from inside the top of the bottle, out to under the car....
I didn't think it would feed fluid back, but, when it cools, it does....(don't ask me why, since it isn't actually pressurized).
E.B. Wesson

I used a set up similar to Bud's only I mounted the MG midget pressure can on the other side of the battery and was able to fit it in right along side (smaller battery casing). I bead blasted it and it's a "vintage-looking" brass now.

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