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MG TD TF 1500 - Cooling improved

I improved my cooling by fitting a "tube" around the fan blade and for extremly situations I added 2 little electrical fans in the upper region od the radiator.

If someone is interested I send more informations for fitting.

christmas from cold Germany


Klaus Harthof

details from fixing

Klaus Harthof

details from begin of the work

Klaus Harthof

More details
The "tube" consitsts of two halfs and is only fixt to the radiator with two allen bolts. In the braket of the radiator I fit a "basket nut" so that I can remove the bolt without dismanteling the radiator.

Klaus Harthof

At last a view from the side

Klaus Harthof

Good idea, nice work.

The term "Deutsche Gründlichkeit" comes to mind!
Willem vd Veer

Klous, That's really a nice looking setup you have there. Very nice work! But do you need the two small fans or are they just insurance? I would think the MGB type fan and the shroud would be plenty. PJ
P Jennings

I have added you to my list of tinkering hero's.
Mort 1950 TD1851 Möbius

Schöne Kunstfertigkeit!!
Danke Klaus
Jim Merz


Very nice work. I have not lived in Germany for quite a while but I just don't remember the summer being that warm. Have you had many overheating problems in the past?

Rob Welborne

Rob, excuse me for sneaking in the line here, but even summers in Norway create overheating problems. I will get another fan in front of the radiator. A friend in our MG club has done that, and no problems any more in slow queues uphill. This fan is started with a switch on the dash.
Raymond Wardenaer

Hi Jim, hello Rob,

sometimes its hot in Germany too. But I like to drive long distances with the TD - most to the Mediteranium Sea. Last September we joined the MGCC meeting in Monaco and we drove to there through the alpes over all high passes, sometimes 40 km up the hills with 12 % to climb. Sometimes in first gear, because of much lugagge (for Eva) for the events in Cafe de Paris and the Yacht Club of Monaco. When we had been there the temperatur was about 30 degrees Celsius and each day we had to climb from the seashore about 10 km up to 1000 m high to our hotel. Hard work for the engine.


Klaus Harthof

Love the shroud!....My radiator is currently out....I may do the same...(without the electric fans....
Can you tell us what the exact diameter of the shroud is?
How deep, also?
E.B. Wesson


What a wondurful trip that must be. Having never driven my car I have no experience with it's cooling abilities. Very good information to have.

Rob Welborne

Klaus, great work ! I was thinking about the same thing because mine runs a bit too hot as well, so some good ideas to start from. Did you cover the radiator outside the ring or just left it open ?
And is that a standard MGB or midget fan (does the hole pattern fit ? ) Or is that the "texas cooler" that Moss US offers ?
Whereabout in Germany do you live (I
Mike Fritsch

Beautiful work! But -- and I say this with no disrespect intended -- my first thought is that if you need that much additional airflow, then you have other problems and adding all that additional cooling capacity is just masking the problem. My experience with my TD in NC (summer temps routinely in the high 90s F, 30s C) is that of no overheating.

First off, is it /really/ overheating? What makes you conclude that it is? Some people are misled by the water that comes out of an over-full radiator and think the car is boiling over, when really all it's doing is ejecting the excess coolant. Owners will take the cap off when the engine is cold, find the water down an inch or so, and fill it all the way up. However, water expands when it heats up so some coolant must be ejected. When it cools back down the coolant contracts leaving a bit of airspace at the top. This is perfectly normal and expected (and without an overflow recovery tank, unavoidable). Just let it find its happy level.

If it really is overheating, it's better to find out why before adding lots of "fixes". Is the radiator clean & freeflowing? Is the water pump pumping? Is the ignition timing correct? Timing can make a /huge/ difference! Is the mixture correct? Only after typical overheating causes are inspected & rectified should additional cooling be considered. My guess is that it won't be needed!

Rob Edwards

Klaus nice mod I notice what looks like a 6 blade fan from which car did you get it and was it modified
R J Orchard

To all who are interested on more informations please send me an e-mail. It's easier to replay per e-mail because in the forum I can only send pics below 1 MB.

To Mike: I live in Olpe, Sauerland. My telefon number is 02761 65992.

To Rob Edwards: My cooling runs best under normal situation. I made it only for extreme weather, hill climbing in the Alpes an perhaps stop and go on the motorway when weather is hot.

I think that the tube around the fan is enough, it improves the airflow very good.
But I have had the little fans so I fitted them. I can start them with a switch from the dashbord if it is nessesary. (only for insurance!)

Have a good

Klaus Harthof

Klaus - I'm sure that if you wrote up your modifications, they would happily be archived - and you would not have to answer individual e-mails!

Tom Lange
t lange

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