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MG TD TF 1500 - cooling system piping

Bought a "barn-find" in January up here in Vermont-
didn't know if previous owner had antifreeze in or not-
car had to go in unheated garage so I yanked the hoses
and drained what I could--putting back together---does the right hand y-pipe(connects bottom of radiator/outlet to heater/water pump) go with port to heater facing up or down?----mine was down but looks wrong. And if no heater should I just blank it off?
Also what about the other side? Thanks for any insight.

Tom, I don't know if you have a TD or TF and if there is much difference in the Y-pipe for these two cars. I had a new Y-pipe made and had pics of both old and new on my web-site as well as the installation. Go to

The Y-pipe pics will be found in a section titled, Preparations for engine start-up.

Cheers -- John
John Brickell

Where in Vermont are you?
D. Sander

That branch is the return from the heater and usually aims up as the heater hoses run around the top of the engine since the firewall holes aim upwards, but there's no reason the branch wouldn't work aimed down. Where are the heater hoses?

Blocking off branches to heater should be OK.

And what about the other side? That question is too vague. Get more specific or add pictures, please.
Jim Northrup

...don't know if this helps....this shows the extra pipe welded onto the lower rad pipe to return the water to the engine from the heater.

gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

thanks everybody-i figured it out---flipped things over---- back to original with no heater---everything lines up and looks good----

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