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MG TD TF 1500 - core plug leak

Looks like I get to play cars again. I have had a leak up high in the center of the right side which I now feel is a plug although I was concerned it was a head gasket. There is now a leak at a plug at the right front so I read all the info from the archives. There is one on the right toward the rear that looks wet on the edges. The big one at the rear looks dry. These were all changed out in '01 by a shop in St. Louis during a total rebuild by the previous owner.
So, what is the current wisdom on which plugs to buy? How to remove the old ones?
How to install new ones?
My guess is drill a hole and pry it out like the inner seal of a can of acetone, wire toothbrush the edges and bang them tight with a large then small socket. I assume there is a seat to bang against. Sealant?

I suppose I should replace all on the right side and hope for the best on the one on the back of the engine.


TD 10828
J.L. Hossellman

JEff, my machinist always uses brass plugs when he can. I have also had some of the steel ones leak in a short time. I think I used Permatex aviation sealer on my small ones, JB weld on the large. BTW, my TD was made 7 cars after yours. George
George Butz

jeff, when i remove these i make sure there is nothing behind the plug and just punch through with an awl and pry it out. regars, tom
tom peterson

Jeff and George... Bud's TD is not far off your numbers as well. 20 numbers 'newer' then George's!

Hi Jeff: If you have a leak in the plug that is on the rear of the engine you do not need to remove the engine to fix it. I had this problem and I removed the lower firewall (BULKHEAD FOOT PLATE according to Moss) and removed and replaced the plug from the cockpit, a lot easier than removing the engine.

Best wishes,

Stuart J. Ramos

I use blue Loctite or similar threadlocker on the core plugs on my MGB and midget engines, after thorough cleaning with a rotary wire brush and degreasing. Works beautifully.


Loctite #540 is proper sealant for core plugs on cast iron blocks.
Len Fanelli

Hi All,

Got the job done and took a run. All is well. Except the vapor lock.... guess I'll go to the archives....
J.L. Hossellman

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