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MG TD TF 1500 - Corolla 5-speed

Found this on the MG-t list from Douglas Ormond:

"On another topic: last month I replaced the original gearbox with a 5-speed
one from a Toyota corolla. This is a kit made in new Zealand by Rod Brayshaw.

You use the original bell housing which bolts onto a conversion plate on the
front of the gearbox, and a modified drive shaft with a spine at the front
end. Apart from removing a couple of bits of metal from the gearbox cover and
drive shaft cover the chassis is not altered. And a hair-shirted future owner
can always return it to stock. I tend to use the TD for commuting to work and
riving in traffic is now much nicer."

Is anyone aware of this gearbox swap? I found Rod Brayshaw on the internet and see that he's in New Zealand and heavy into MGs but didn't find anything about the gearbox kit.

Gene Gillam

Rod Brayshaw is a contributor to this board, perhaps start a thread with his name to get his attention.
Max Irvine

Thanks Max...
Gene Gillam


A search under his name using New Zealand as well yielded and the Rod Brayshaw Panelshop Limited, both of which have websites and contact info.

If you find the lead is productive, I for one would be also interested in doing the same Corolla tranny update. Please keep me in the loop.

G Burgess

Me too!
efh Haskell

This is kind of a cool page for an entry into Toyota boxes. I used to drive Corolla 5-speeds. They shift well, but start throwing second after about 120K miles.

J Barry

Yes we have completed many Toyota conversions starting in the late 1980ís, but currently we cannot offer any as we have more NZ orders than we have good gearboxes on hand.

The Toyota gearbox is difficult to get now and when one becomes available it has got more expensive to purchase and the condition now is usually well worn. These gearboxes have done possibly up to 500,000 Ks now so we are finding 5th gear sets are worn and noisy, and the layshafts are always worn through the hardening.

There are no new parts available from Toyota Japan I am told.

As the engineering involved is complex and requires difficult machining, sadly I think we have come to near the end of Toyota conversions.

We have developed for the Ford Type 9, a different gearbox mount to the UK offering and a modification to the front engine mount U frame, but the problem is getting bell housings on their own.

We will be sorting the bell housing and offering the Ford conversion in the future. We have completed 3 so far.

All our conversions are reversible and do not require any chassis modifications and use the original MG gearbox mount welded chassis plate.
Rod Brayshaw

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A good and very interesting response. I have considered converting my TF to 5 speed using a Ford Type 9. These can be purchased in the UK for about
J Targosz

Hello Jan

The three Ford Type 9 conversions we have completed were all on TF's two 1500's and one 1250. We had no front carb clearance issues and no cutting away of material.
The cross member is not cut away either. We made a GRP tunnel to replace the original steel one.

I used shortened bellhousings that I picked up at MG Silverstone but have not located any more so far. We are considering producing our own. Its not practical to modify an existing MG bellhousing.

Our type 9 conversions for MGA and MGB also do not require cutting the gearbox chassis mounting.
Rod Brayshaw

Hi Rod,

Thanks for the very prompt reply. I have also seen conversion bellhousings for sale at Silverstone. I think the trader was from the Netherlands - his parts were priced in Euros. I recall the machined face that fitted to the MG box casing had been moved towards the engine and was very close to the bores for the clutch fork shaft. Higear, who make the UK kits, have had a new bellhousing cast which is also shorter than the original but they still have to move the engine forwards by 10m/m. Did you also do this? They have a new kit now that requires the cross member to be cut but the engine is not moved at all and they tell me the conversion can be carried out without even opening the bonnet! They also use the original gearbox cover.


Jan T
J Targosz

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