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MG TD TF 1500 - Correct Fuel Pump for TF 1500

Since all SU fuel pumps appear relatively the same, how can I tell if I have the correct (high or low pressure) fuel pump on my car(I understand I need the high pressure unit)? Can you tell by looking at it? Anyone have a photo?
Here's a photo of what came off the car (mounted under car near rear axle).

C.T. Irwin

Here is the one off my car that I replaced with a new one. You can get the number by removing the mounting plate.


This what it looked like before I cleaned it up. Got it to work by opening it up and fileing the points but it seeped fuel. I'll rebuild it some day for a spare.


LaVerne - That number, 4080, is the casting number for the the alloy pump body only and is the same for the low pressure, high pressure and high pressure/long body pumps. That is why it is so very difficult to determine which pump is which (other than the high pressure/long body pump, which has a longer coil housing than the standard ones).

Tyler - Unfortunately, there is no easy way to tell if a L type pump is low pressure or high pressure without disassembling it. If the pump was installed with the mounting bracket that is shown on it (on the frame at the back of the car), it is probably a high pressure pump.

There are three differences between the low pressure pumps and the high pressure pumps: 1) the coil core of the low pressure pump is approximately 1/2" in diameter, while the core for the high pressure pump is approximately 3/4" in diameter (see the attached image). 2) the diaphragm for the two pumps differ in that the armature for each is designed to accommodate the coil core size. 3) The volute spring is heaver for the high pressure pump. Of the three differences, the core diameter is the easiest to see. One has to remove the end cover of the pump, then remove the two mounting screws from the pedestal. You then carefully fold the pedestal back, pivoting it on pivot pin for the lower points toggle until you can see the end of the core
through the top of the coil housing.

The correct SU part number for the points style high pressure pump used on the late TF is AZX 1331 (this is a dual polarity pump that will work for either positive or negative ground). If you want to go with the all electronic pump, the part number is AZX1331EN for negative ground or AZX1331EP for positive ground.

A less expensive way to a good pump is to have someone rebuild it for you. If you look at the the article SU Fuel Pump Services at:
You will find a list of people at the end of the article who rebuild/restore the pumps. Any of the people listed can rebuild the pump for you as a points style pump. If you are willing to wait until October, can restore you pump and convert it to solid state. Another alternative is to contact Larwie Rhoads and see if he has any rebuilt high pressure pumps left that you can purchase. Cheers - Dave

David DuBois

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