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MG TD TF 1500 - Correct Horn For TF

The archives say WT 614 up to a certain point - then switch to WT618.

My car doesn't appear to have either. There is no 'dome' over the top.

I thought it was just perhaps the PO swapped them. The I saw picture 330 on this collection of survivor pictures and the mounting bracket is the same as mine. Can't see the top though.

Can you identify if my horns are original and what the model number is ?

The top looks like a H9 but the bottom looks like a WT 614 or 8

D Moore

And a second image

D Moore

Hi D,
The mounting bracket and the trumpet are correct.
It looks like somebody has grafted a different diaphragm unit on top.
If they work, leave them alone as you have to get on your hands and knees to see them.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

The Top looks much like the horn on my MGB.

Don H.
Don Harmer

The top looks like a H9 from pictures I have seen ... grafting two types together that might explain the oddity.

The H9 came in in 1962 my research tells me. The internals look reasonably modern compared to the complicated 614/8. Again a point for grafting.

They are however held together by what I think are the right rivets rather than bolts/ screws so who ever did it was conscientious.

The only reason I started down the trail that led me to this point was one of them doesn't work.

I have taken it apart but no joy getting it to work. There must be a short somewhere as even if i pry open the points the electromagnet remain's charged and the circuit complete.

I can see NOS horns in a pair in ebay for $90. Seems the way to go at this point - the look right:

item :360597075387

D Moore

Dave, here's mine, a high and low, they work but sound like a sick cow! If I can't get them to sound right, I'll probably send them out to, ??? PJ

Paul S Jennings

D Moore
My TF as well, has the same Lucas horns that you show.
I had assumed that they were replacements. I keep them because they are LOUD and work well.
Anyone else have these?

'54 TF
T Norby

Hello D,

I have the same horns as you on my 54 TF1500 WITH CHASSIS NO. HDC46/7481. Probably a low mielage car, very original, restored in the late 1980s in Ohio. No idea whether they are correct or not, bu several cars with same horns might indicate that?


Jan Emil Kristoffersen

I think they are off an MGB
John Walton

My TF9097 still has its dome top horns.

M Magilton

Daves horns look exactly like the ones on my 72 MGB with the spade lugs and all. Think about when they went to spade lugs instead of grub screws and that should give an approximate date. PJ
Paul S Jennings

Well for what it is worth - they are just like the ones on My TD now.
Which are not the ones I fitted when I built the car back in 1974? They appeared it seems after I had had my car worked on when I as overseas. Hummmm. Wonder where my originals went? Possibly the same place my original dynamo went. After really looking at the engine it seems the original distributor was also swapped out too.
I guess it pays to be cynical and not so trusting. At least the bits that are there have worked well over the years.
But all the same it is a little disappointing.
Rod Jones

Having found that the sound of my original TD horns was not the same after dismantling them and having them powder coated, I received an e-mail from NTG in GB indicating they had a restored set at a decent price. I ordered them and have not yet installed them, but they appear identical to the TF horns shown. They look like they'll fit, but the trumpet is slightly different from the TD trumpet. NTG (Mgbits) said they were the same as in a 53 TD. I am not certain, but if they work well, I'll be happy not to have the ones that sound like a duck that has been run over!! Rich

Richard Olson

Since it looks like my style horns - or the more common WT618s could have been fitted I'll replace both with WT618s rather than try and have mine repaired. The other one isn't great either and the WT618 is readily available and relatively cheap.

Thanks guys for all your help :-)

D Moore

WT618s fitted. Parp Parp - work great.

D Moore

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