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MG TD TF 1500 - Correct ignition coil for a late TD?

I've spent 30 mins looking through the archives but I haven't found a definitive answer so I thought I'd ask. I'm going to replace the ignition coil which came with the car a couple of years ago. I don't know how long it's been on, or the likely internal condition so I want to play safe and buy a new one.

Which modern coil do I need to get? There's plenty out there, but I'm wondering what specification I should go for. Lucas Sports coil or bog-standard? Ballast or non-ballast? Will a Lucas DLB 105 (non-ballast) be OK?

All the best. Especially for tomorrow to our friends on the other side of the pond. Because we lost, we have to work every year on the 4th July :-)


- Tom.
Tom Bennett - 53TD 24232

I went with the Lucas Sport coil, on my '52, and have been very happy with the results....
Only "bump", was converting the screw-in end to a push-in end, on the coil end.
E.B. Wesson

Hi Tom,

See Archives re original coil, which was a non oil filled Lucas, painted black - Q12 from memory. Non ballast on our cars, the DLB 105 will be fine esp. if from 70s-80s - date is on the base.

Bear in mind Lucas have not made auto equipment for many years - modern green labled boxes are made under license and could come from anywhere! I use s/h Lucas UK made coils from 70s - 80s, found at autojumbles etc. 'Sports' coil not needed - largely a sales gimmick in the 1950s for most ordinary cars, kidding owners the car would go faster!


J C Mitchell mean mine doesn't go faster....?????

gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

OK, you've got me - what kind of distributor is that? It's nothing like the NOS swan's neck Mallory I have on the shelf...

t lange

Hahaha....look closely.... the p/o (builder) podged that together as a method of reclaiming any oil that would have gone out the breather(s)...the little bowl on the top seems to trap the oil and it drains back down the copper tube and back into the engine.....??? Makes for an interesting pushrod cover gasket.....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

As I indicated to John Deikis, your best bet for a modern coil is the pertronix 40,000 volt coil, in black and 3.0Ω, they are oil-filled, and are quite inexpensive at $34 in US bucks - should work out to around 25 quid.

Have a look at I believe that Pertronix is now available in the UK.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qu
Gordon A Clark

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