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MG TD TF 1500 - Correct TF dash colors

A big thanks to Rod Brayshaw who took the time and expense to dig through his old paint and spray up a sample of the correct mgtf dash colors that coordinate with the interior color. If that wasn't enough he then posted it around the world from Katikati,Bay of Plenty,NZ (sounds like a neat place) to Maine USA. I will be using it to develop a formula of the tan for my TF and share it with the BBS. Then the sample will be available to anyone that needs a it for the other two colors.

Rod, I know it has been said before but it worth saying again that your expertise and participation in the BBS has really been appreciated. Thanks again...

Bob Brown

R Brown

Hi Bob,

My exact sentiments re Rod Brayshaw.Rod is a very busy person however he manages to make time for and support
others in their quests for correct detail.Top marks!



I updated the paint formula pages with scans of the samples Rod send me.

When I get some free time I will go to the paint store and see if I can find formulas for each of the three colors.

Just note that these colors look a lot brighter in real life but when I put them up against the images on my computer monitor they are the same, but appear darker. I noted that on the page.
Christopher Couper

Further to the above commendation to Rod,it is a fortuitous opportunity to also congratulate Chris Couper for his incredible work on both the Original TD and TF
midget sites.He seems to have the boundless energy of an Olympic athlete!

Rob Grantham

All I can say is, the MG Red on the chart does not match the red found on my 55 which was hidden behind the left running board and one engine side panel. When removing those bolts, it was evident that the left board had never been off. I've tried to get a photo of it, but all come out in different shades. I have the color on a side panel that I was going to get scanned, but when my son passed away everything around here came to an abrupt halt. It'll be a while for the interest to come back. PJ
Paul Jennings

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