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MG TD TF 1500 - Couper's exception page

I just discovered that Chris Couper has an Exceptions to Production page on his excellent The Original MGTD site. Owners can list exceptions to the posted data on Chris' site. I found it interesting to see comments by owners about things on their cars that deviated from the conventional wisdom of most owners. If this is old news then I apologize. Just the first I had heard of the exception page.

TD12 524
TW Burchfield

I agree. I found this section very helpful as I got to know my car. It is a very late 53 and had the chrome headlamps. Until I read the exception I was convinced that they had been chromed by a PO. The other thing I find intriguing is that the reported exception for non painted radiator slats was on a car sold in Germany by J A Woodhouse. My car too was sold by them and it has non painted slats. I have a photo of the car from 1967 and they are not painted then. Of course it could have changed any time in the first 14 years of the cars life, but interesting to speculate.
S Griffin

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