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MG TD TF 1500 - cover for TD

I would like to get a light weight car cover for my '53 TD. I have a medium to heavy weight one, but I want one that I can put on quickly, primarily to serve as a dust cover while I am using wood working equipment nearby. Anyone have suggestions for such a cover?


Bobby Loughridge
B. F. Loughridge

Moss sells a single layer nylon cover that is probably as light as you'll find anywhere
W. A. Chasser Jr

I just bought a cheap light cover off ebay - size medium - and it has worked very well for exactly that purpose.
Geoffrey M Baker

Walmart is the cheapest I found. Not an exact fit but fine for my wood shop.
efh Haskell

Thanks for the responses, everyone. I like the description of the Moss nylon cover (236-016) but maybe one that is not a custom fit but much less than the 79.95 listed. Ed, do you know if the one you got at Walmart is still available there?

Bobby L.
B. F. Loughridge

I've bought several of the same cover from Walmart for the MGA, TD and midget. It is made by Budge and is size #2. It is a bit too big for the cars, but I could never find a Budge #1. And they serve the purpose after all. I think I paid about $20 apiece. No idea if they still carry them.
David Littlefield

Here's a link to a cover very similar to the one I bought on ebay. Size really doesn't matter as even the smallest will fit a TD... the more cover the better... Go for a medium...

Universal UV Waterproof Outdoor Full Car Auto Cover Silver M / XL / XXL Size
Geoffrey M Baker

Bobby, Budge is sold worldwide, not just WM. That's the same one David mentioned above for $20 and the one I got. Probably more like $30 now. I would just search for Budge car covers on Google and see where you can get one cheapest and closest to your car's length. Don't expect the bag they come in to last very long, but who cares for $20 bucks!
efh Haskell

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