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MG TD TF 1500 - Cycle fenders for T series specials??

Does anybody know of a fabricator readily making cycle fenders and braces for TDs specifically. I've decided to forgo my bad oem fenders for my fast road TD I'm building. Looking for aluminum fenders and braces to mount to the spindle to allow them to turn with the tires


Bill Chasser Jr
W. A. Chasser Jr

Hello Bill
Quite a few of the TD vintage racers use motorcycle fenders. I went the more custom route and used Barry Walker over in England
He has an 'English wheel' guy that can roll you a set out of either aluminum or steel, with a center rib, at any diameter you need. He also sells braces and brackets as well. Just be prepared for 'sticker shock'.
I fabbed up the front braces from reproduction TC fender braces I got from Abington Spares and used MGTC headlight brackets I got off Ebay to pull the fender braces in closer to the grill. Seemed to work better for me that the TD ones.
In the picture they are setting a little bit high as the engine is not yet installed.
Dave Jorgensen, on this board, did a real nice setup 'hot rod' style with front fenders attached to the brake backing plates so they rotated with the wheels. Looked really trick.

Hiram Kelley

Hank Rippert, former chairman of The New England MG T Register has cycle fenders on his TD, TD 8888. Perhaps you could email him and inquire about them. You can email him on the "ask Hank" link on the NEMGTR website.
D. Sander

Hi Bill,
I had cycle fenders on my TD which were supported from the brake backing plates. I liked the idea of the fenders turning with the wheels however, after a race at a track that was very rough, the support stays started to fracture and I had to remove the fenders in the interest of safety. If you want the fenders to turn with the wheels, I would advise you to be sure the support stays are strong enough to take the considerable loading that they will have applied to them from the suspension.

George Raham [TD4224]

Just curious. "Fenders turning with the wheels". Huh? What am I missing??
efh Haskell

Hello Ed
Take a look at Mr Jorgensen BBS entry on
Hiram Kelley

Ed, right now your factory fenders(wings) stay straight ahead while your front wheels turn. With cycle fenders that "turn with the wheels," they are just like the name says, and just like the fender turns with the front wheel of a motorcycle. Of course there are cycle fenders that do not turn with the front wheels, and I believe they are in the majority.
L Karpman

Well, you learn something new every day! Thanks guys!
efh Haskell

I've always wanted to put cycle fenders on my TD (it had them when I bought it, horrid cheap things make of cheap flat top trailer fenders and hardware store steel strap) and have looked at a lot of cars, old MGs that originally came with them especially, looking for ideas. The racers aren't much use since their installations tend to be functional rather than aesthetic and usually use trailer fenders..

I think what looks best are round profile ribbed fenders . You can find quite a few if you google universal ribbed cycle fenders. "Pattern" (aftermarket) fenders from, England that fit that description used to cheap and readily available from motorcycle suppliers, but they seem to be a lot harder to find now. Vee Twin also makes some for Harleys that look suitable and come in wider sizes. If you find something suitable you'll probably end up paying at least $150 apiece.

I don't recall ever seeing an old MG that came from the factory with steerable fenders. They seem to be mostly a hot rod thing. Not hard to do, but then you got to build a considerably more complicated structure to hold the headlights.


Hi Bill:
I have seen some nice cycle fenders made from a steel spare tire surround from the back of a van - cheep art pick'n pull, and easy to do yourself.
John Crawley

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