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MG TD TF 1500 - Damaged block

In pulling apart the XPAG engine in my newly-acquired '53 TD I noticed there was a good deal of waterpump shaft wobble, and now find that the sharp edge of the impellor area in the block has been rounded off by the wobbling impellor. Is that something about which I should be concerned? If so, how can it be repaired?

Many thanks. Tom Lange, Bar Harbor, Maine
t lange

Photo of the area?
Gene Gillam

Hi Tom,

Sorry about your block problems - as Gene has said a photo or more details of the extent of the damage would be helpful.

See Archives on water pumps re quality of new pumps, and I would strongly advise you to keep the old pump for possible future repair and use.

Cheer, John
J C Mitchell

... the problem still remains - no seals are available for the old pumps.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A Clark

Hi Gordon,

You're right but I hope someone will make some in the future, especially since they are also used on mga twin cams They turn up from time to time at autojumbles over here as NOS. Also I'm sure you'll agree it's worth keeping all original parts - often one item can be made from two damaged ones!

Cheers, John
J C Mitchell

Picture attached of a GOOD water-pump area
t lange

New aftermarket pumps show up on ebay from time to time. Made in India. I bought 3 a few years ago; they were only a few bucks more than what Moss wanted for their handful of replacement parts. Castings are a touch crude. I smoothed out the neck for the hose, it was so ugly. There's a raised boss for the zerk fitting, but nothing installed. I recall them recently priced at about $140.

It would be nice to see photo of the worn areas, but I sincerely doubt the pump caused any significant damage. Slightly enlarged clearances will not impair circulation, ...nothing to lose any sleep over.
jrn Northrup

Attached is a slightly fuzzy image of an XPAG block. Doesn't do a great deal for reveling dteails, but there's a bunch of other photos that show even less.

There's a lot of iron where the pump mounts. It is be difficult to imagine some wear that would be detrimental to water circulation.

jrn Northrup

Tom, I have attached a photo showing two water pumps for an XPAG engine.
The new one is from NTG in Ipswich UK, a great company to deal with. It is British made and has all the modern seals and bearings. Cost is GBP60 plus P&P
The other pump is my original 1954 pump which I have since had refurbished at a cost of A$190.
This refurb required some machining to take new style seals/bearings etc and retaining circlip.

We really need to see the damage to your block to offer an opinion.

Regards Ian

I Denton

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