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MG TD TF 1500 - Dash board screw locations (8)

Hi: Can anyone in MG-land detail the location of the 8 screws (the ones with finish washers) that attach the dash to the inner-dash? I see from Dave Braun's photo that the top two frame the steering wheel. However are the top ones in a line or equal distance from the piping? Ditto on the bottom 4.

Many thanks in advance.



You should be able to scale this picture from my website, and I can send you the original cropped down (more detail) if you send me your email address. Mine is on my website.


Dave Braun

Reactivating an old thread. I've realized that I've got the wrong screws in my dash, and too few of them. This picture will help greatly.

I know Moss offer a screw set but these seems like something I could source locally. What size should they be?

Also, the top cover on my side curtain box is (was) nailed on with one brad on each side. Needless to say a brad into end grain doesn't do much. I read in the archives that there should be a chrome screw and washer on each side. Are these the same as the dash screws?

Rob Edwards

Rob, I think the dash screws are pozi-drive. Doubt if you can source them locally. The screw and washer for the top of the side curtain box are smaller than those for the dash. Bud
Bud Krueger

Thanks Bud. My understanding was that Pozidriv® came along about 1955-56, which is a little later than would be found in a TD.

I'm kinda leaning at this point to go ahead and get the Moss set next time I place an order, but that still leaves me wanting for the side curtain box since Moss doesn't sell loose pieces (at least not that I can tell). I'd still need to get those locally.

Someone in the archives talked about replacing the dash screws with 10-32 machine screws and T-nuts. Not sure I want to do that but does #10 sound about right? Therefore the side curtain box if they're smaller would be #8?
Rob Edwards

My mistake, Rob. They're just #12 oval head Phillips wood screws, about 1 1/4" long. The screws go through the outer fascia board and secure themselves in the inner fascia. You can readily drill and plug the holes in the inner board.

When I built rebuilt the side curtain box I used Dave's hinged lid technique ( That provides two screws in that area. I used #6's with finishing washers. Bud
Bud Krueger

Our annual car show was today. There were 4 TDs -- mine and three others. One had obviously replaced hardware store flathead screws, one had hw store oval head screws (looked more appropriate) and one had what the owner said were the chrome Moss screws which are...... (wait for it)....... Pozidriv!
Rob Edwards

Does anyone have a picture of what a Pozidriv screw looks like?
J K Chapin

Note original Phillips chrome screws. The finishing washers are a bit different than the modern types. Craig Seabrook supplies screws with the exact Phillips chrome head, they look like sheet metal type screws but you can't tell when they are installed. No shot of posidrive, try Google? IMHO they are ugly compared to chrome Phillips. Over the years I have asked Moss to correct the heads, and they say not feasible. Doug Pelton was not interested either. George

George Butz


or just google "pozidriv". Lots of info.
efh Haskell


J K Chapin

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