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MG TD TF 1500 - Dash is covered

I am totally stoked!! I've wanted this the most since the day I got the car. The PO had a piece of Luan and no gauge panel. The gauge panel I picked up several years ago will be sprayed the bronze it should be but I need to source out the screws and a bulb holder for the back. One has broken off.


pic #2


Carefull Vincent, or this will lead to a full restoration!
Looks great.

Matthew Magilton

Craig Seabrook has screws and no doubt bulb holders, as well. Excellent guy.

t lange

Nice work ...looks great!
David Sheward

And it is still together today. What it will do in the hot sun, I'm not sure but today I feel good.

Lovely job - sorry if I missed something earlier, but can you tell me whether the vinyl is glued straight onto the ply, or is there a thin padding? Cheers mate. John Hall.
J.P. Hall

Mine is direct glued. 3M spray 90. Really strong stuff. I'm just not a fan of the padded dash look.

Really nice!! George
George Butz

Vince, you should be proud, that's really nice work. I love the color of the vinyl and want to do my TF in that color. Where did you buy the vinyl and what is the correct color called.


Andy Preston

Totally agree about the padded dash - don't remember seeing one that looked good! Isn't it interesting how along the restoration road, which can be rocky and tortuous at times, one small "result" can lift your spirits so much.Keep up the good work. John.
J.P. Hall

Looking really nice. One bit of advice when you do the glove compartment door. Be sure to wrap the material around the edges and tack, don't rely on the adhesive and metal edging to hold it it. Marvin
Marvin Stuart

I'm so proud of the dash that I almost lost track of doing the door. Problem is, I do not have an original door so I have to wing it and determine, metal thickness, vinyl thickness, and space in order for it to fit right. Also the hinges, need to surce out, and determine placement. Nothings easy.

I've got the black stripped off of the Guage panel and the edges masked. I've also been able to source out an original steering wheel center and am going to try and mix the paint today to match. I should also bring in my steering wheel and see what I can do about it. It is very cracked and I am afaid that it is going to break as soon as I use it.

Keep in mind that these pieces were not on the car when purchased so I am bringing them back up to snuff. If they were on the car I would have cleaned and left patina. Some parts will be like new and some not unless I figure out a way of adding patina...hmmm....gottat figure out how to dry out vinyl..quickly :-)

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