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MG TD TF 1500 - Dash Rheostat

Gentlemen and you other guys,

My TD is a 52 although it was produced in 51. on the lower right hand side of my instrument panel are the two knobs, one of which is the rheostat? I tried to find some information on this but found it unclear, at least to me. I have no rheostat. both of my turn knobs are the same. Is this correct for my car? If so how do they function?


Rob Welborne

See Moss dashboard page, rheostat correct from car 10701, earlier the two switches
George Butz

i know there are some better sources here than i...I'm one of the other guys.
but here is what i have seen. the inner of the two knobs was a switch for the driving lights and it is an odd shaped knob. the outer one to the far right is a round knob that is the rheostat.
i am sure someone will correct me if i am wrong and i hope they do because i need to get mine correct.
TLW Wright

Rob, TDs before 10751 (Oct. 5, 1951) had two switches, one was called the Panel Light Switch. The other was the fog lamp Switch. After 10751 the Panel Light Switch was replaced by a rheostat (round knob). The switches are rectangular in shape. This change occured three days later (Oct. 8, 1951) for RHD cars after 10779. This info is from the NEMGTR T-Type Restoration Handbook. Bud
Bud Krueger

Thank you everyone

Rob Welborne

BTW, Bud is correct with car #. There is a misprint on the Moss website-should be 10751, not 10701 as I posted above. Same changeover for the flat to dished instruments. George
George Butz

Thanks also. i look to be getting one of the rheostats this fall for mine.
TLW Wright

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