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MG TD TF 1500 - Dash wiring

My TF is in good driving condition. Was re-wired sometime in the 70's. Behind the dash, things are orderly, not bodged up. I was looking around there with the car and lights on. I noticed that some of the wires were kinda hot. Not too hot to touch, but too warm to touch for more than 15 seconds. The wires to the ammeter and the headlight wires were the warm ones. Nothing is meling or looks dark.
Is this normal? If not normal, what might be the issue causing "hot" wires? Bad grounds??

And, yes, the clock is still working.

'54 TF
Tom Norby

Hi Tom,
The wires to/from the ammeter carry the total load, and the headlight wires carry a large load, so those would be the most likely to get warm. They're sized such that they shouldn't develop much, if any heat. Is the heat more close to the terminals of the ammeter &/or switch? Poor connections are the 'best' source of heat generation, I'd suggest re-tightening all in question. A bad ground connection would also generate heat, but would be at the load end of the circuit.
I hope this is some help.
54 TF "Emma"
A W Parker

My money would be on dirty connections and "weak" grounds. The "ends" of most of my old wiring had oxadized causing the "warm wires" you describe.
Much of my old loom was cut back and new soldier connections made.
IMHO: This is a good time to clean all connections and add some addictional fusing and/or switching.
I was able to leave the orginal fuse block, but did a lot of extra fusing hiden under the dash.
Things you might want to consider:
Cut-off switch for fuel pump. ($2.00 theft/safty system!)
Switch for wiper function. (The set-up on the TF is a joke at best ...a pain if you put locking glove box doors on as I did.)
My system now operates under the "NUE 5th principle of Lucas electrics". i.e. WORKS!
As oposed to the "orginial 4 priciples of Lucas electrics":
1: Off
2: Dim
3: Flicker
4: Ignite
David Sheward

Thanks guys. Dave, you made me chuckle after a hard day at work. Good suggestions from both of you.

'54 TF
Tom Norby

David Stewart:)
Would you have a wiring diagram of the way that you wired your TF Wipers? I too would like to put locks on each side!
Many thanks &
Rod Murray
Rod Murray 54TF 3006

David Sherward: My apologies on the misspell of your last name.....long day....long week!
Rod Murray 54TF 3006

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