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MG TD TF 1500 - Dashboard Trim Rail

I am in the process of restoring my MG TF. Progress has been slow but I am getting there. I need to re-cover the dashboard trim rail /finisher. I have the appropriate red vinyl but I am stuck on how to cut the material. Should it be cut to fit i.e. curved or should it be cut straight and the vinyl stretched to fit? Does anyone have a pattern? Any help would be most appreciated.

Best wishes


D Williams

Dave -- I have attached a link to my web-site where I show the process I went through. Hope this helps -- John
John Brickell

Hi John, Many thanks for your information. Very useful, it has provided the answers to several queries that I had. A further query however re the rubber cushion that attaches to the rail. It's the ends at each side that I am uncertain of. They are hollow and seem to taper down to the rail. Are these ends glued to the rail like the remainder of the rubber cushion. Once again thanks for your help


D Williams

I don't recall the ends of my rubber cushions being hollow, but they might have been. However, they did taper up from the bottom at the ends, and I believe this is to accommodate the folding/tucking in of the material ends, which is what I have eventually done. The very ends were not glued.

Perhaps someone else on the BBS could add their input to help clarify this issue.

John Brickell

This thread was discussed on 05/09/2012

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