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MG TD TF 1500 - Disc Brake Adapters

Cruising through EBAY this afternoon I stumbled upon these Disc Brake adapters.

Has anyone tried these? Seem rather spendy to me.

Dan Nordstrom

Moss has the same part for shipping. Look in the MGA brake section.
MG LaVerne

Yeah but he's trying to sell them as for conversion on a TD? Is that right?

The Moss instructions cite them for MGA 1500 conversion to use MG-B brakes. Hard to tell (and I don't know whether TD,TF,MGA front end/spindles are the same.

Would think Moss would list them for TDs too if it was true. Looks like you need to also have/convert to wire wheels.

Ahh if only that adaptor done for Leno was available.

R Biallas

I believe this is for a TD TF using stock king pins / spindles but only when using MGA calipers.
Len Fanelli

So the spindle (stub axle) bolt pattern of the "A" and the TD/TF are the same??? What about hub and rotor assembly? Are these only going to work with wires? I also wonder what all this would do the wheel stance - wider or narrower.

Seems there should be whole lot more more information included.

Dan Nordstrom

Just received on Friday MGA 1600 caliper mounting brackets plus bolts and the brackets to hold the brake hose purchased on the used parts market. All including postage $215. Moss is out of stock on the caliper mounting brackets and B&G says limited stock. It seems that if anyone is considering MGA 1600 disc brakes on the TD or TF find the mounting brackets before buying the rest of the parts. They are not that easy to find.
F. Driver

This fellow will sell you a whole kit...but if you thought these were expensive then you better sit down. About 1500 bucks. Wire wheel deal only on the fleabay deal. The spindles are the same on the MGA early 1500 as the TD/TF. MGA and MGB calipers apparently are not the same.
MG LaVerne

There is a great deal of confusion here!!!

The swivel pins, steering knuckles and arms the same on the TD, TF, and Early MGA
The taper of the the steering arm was then changed to a larger diameter where it fits in the steering knuckle.
With the introduction of the disk brakes the steering arm was changed to
clear the disk
The difference come in the steering arms. You need the later MGA steering arms which are curved away so the tie rod end of steering arm would clear the disk.

The MGA wire wheel hub and disk fit the TD, TF and early and late MGA
front suspensions, but the early steering arms DO NOT clear the disk.

The complete conversion unit being sold uses either a reduced diameter MGA or other disk that clears the original steering arm and the brackets the attach some unknown calipers which fit smaller disks (see the pics in the ad)

Moss sells a bracket to allow MGA disk brakes to use the MGB Calipers because he MGA calipers are UNOBTAINIUM/
They do not allow conversion of the early TD, TF and MGA to disks.

To use the MGA disks you need the MGA disk brake swivel pins, steering knuckles and arms. (and the Moss brackets to use MGB calipers.

OR some have converted using an adapted MGB fron suspension

Don Harmer

Thanks Don for your good explanation!
That's why this forum is so great!
R Biallas

We have two members here in the Minnesota MGT Register who have converted to MGA 1600 disc brakes on their TD's. I will be the third one and that will be on a TF 1500 with wire wheels. May be others working on doing it or thinking about it. I will try to update with progress and problems encountered when doing the work.
F. Driver

F. Driver,
I am interested in installing disc brakes on my TD with the Moss wire wheel kit on it.
Can you update me on your installation please? Here or via email. mortres at pobox dot com
Mort 50 TD

What about the master cylinder? Brake caliper pistons are much larger diameter than those in brake cylinders so won't they need more fluid to operate.

Jan T
J Targosz

What about braking force needed? Disk brakes are not self-enforcing like drum brakes - will a power servo be needed with the discs?

Rgds Mike
Mike Fritsch

MGA's don't have a servo and the front disks are just fine.
Gene Gillam

The disc brakes work just fine. there is no servo and you do not have to change anything in the brake system. Mine have been on my car for almost 10 years and they work perfect. I would not be without them. actually Fred's will be the fourth car in our club to have disc brakes, but the first TF.
TRM Maine

Tom, how many have the complete MGA rear axle assembly?
MG LaVerne

My '53 TD that I bought five years ago had front hubs and disk brakes from an MGA 1600 installed many years ago by the PO. He had owned the TD since '57. He had also installed a 3.9 MGB rear end. Wire wheels all around from an early Austin Healey. The PO noted that "most any Brit 15" wires would fit." All of this from an original page of hand written notes that he prepared for his son (from whom I bought the car)prior to his death in 2005. I replaced the wire wheels with a new set from Moss. Interestingly, fine knock-off threads on the front and coarse on the back. I believe the only modification that the PO did to install the MGA front hubs/brakes was to shorten the tie-rods, according to his notes. MGA dual master cylinder with corresponding clutch and brake pedals (very tight fit.)

Bobby L.
B. F. Loughridge

Fred, not sure, mine is MGA gears at 4;10.
TRM Maine

I have been runnning MGA disc brakes with the original 5 stud wheels and MGA king pins on my TD since 1970. The set up uses an adaptor plate to attach the wheels to the 4 stud hub. Shortened the steering arms, kept the TD master cylinder. THe brakes work well and the car looks original. In my humble opinion its a worthwhile conversion that can easily be unconverted if needs be.

Graeme Smith
G J Smith

Would anyone have a list of parts required from the Moss catalog?

I could use it to start gathering parts from various sources.

(Early TD with wire wheels and anti sway bar)

Mort 50 TD

Probably worth mentioning here for the newcomers that you can do an MGB disk bake conversion on a TD or TF for about $50, and save your pricey TD bits for posterity.

Kyle and others,
What is the best way to accumulate the parts necessary.
Is there some source of used or junk MGB parts I am not aware of?

Mort 50 TD

I broke a steering arm racing on an air field circuit some years ago, and decided to fit later thicker MGA steering arms to my TF.

Any non TD/F steering arm eye position or it's height from the bottom of the king pin must be the same as the TD/F or you will introduce bump steer. Steering arm length is also critical.

The later MGA arm height position and MGB arm height position is different and certainly will alter the handling of the car.

There must be some serious braking required for the need to fit disc brakes, I have raced my TF since 1983 and find drum brakes with good linings more than adequate.
Rod Brayshaw

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