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MG TD TF 1500 - Disc Brake Conversion (MGB)

I just receive a MGB Disc Brake Kit. It is really nice refurded kit and assembled. I noticed there were no disk brake Backing Plates installed or received in the kit. The company I bought them from is racing this week so I am asking you for help. Should I or Do I need to run disc brake backing plates? It is ashame to dis-assemble just to add backing plates. But what is right is right.
R.D. Lyga

I was asked by Tom if this is a converstion for a TD. Yes it is Tom. I have read in the past other TD owners on this site doing this converstion so I am asking there opinion on using or not using a Disc Brake Backing Plate because it was not in the TD/MGB convertion kit I purchase and would like to know if I needed to purchase them. Tom thanks for your inquiry.
R.D. Lyga

Could you give us an inventory of the stuff that was in the conversion kit? I have an MGB parts car and before I dispose of it I want to get all the parts for a TD conversion.
Bob Jeffers

I converted B front and rear onto a TD and debated whether to put the backing plates on or leave them off. I painted them and stuck them on, but watching the paint chip off before it even hits the road, I might wish I'd left the new rotors exposed.
If it was my car, I'd leave them off, but this is my wife's car and it gets all the "fixins"....
its a "chick car."
Jim Northrup

I used A parts for mine and left off the plates. Works great and was told the plates just collect dirt and the paint falls off anyway.
Tom Maine

I purchased a kit from MGB Racing LTD
( ). I am in the process of installing fit. It is a pretty much simple install if you only need to convert to MGB with out reburbing you A Arm bushing etc. I am removing everything and powder coating so mine like a complete over haul. This the simple of it; VERY THING IS MGB from the TOP MGB SHOCK to the BOTTOM King Pin Bolt. So just romove the to Tie Rod ends. Remove the bottom King Pin Bolt of the TD. Then the Top Shock Bolt. Then romove the whole TD Hub System. Remove the TD Shocks and replace with the MGB (may have to losen fender to remove). If you need to replace the A Arm bushing or re-paint this would be the time. This is where I am at right now (planning on powder coating). Now you need to decide what type of bushing you want install aon your MGB Disc Brake assembly. There are 3 types to choose from depending on how stif you want your ride (See Moss Motors or upper and lower bushings as well as A Arms if needed. Now install the MGB Shocks. Install the COMPLETE MGB Disc Brake System from shock to A Arm and bolt in with NEW Bushing of choice. Your whole MGB complete Disc Brake assemlby will just bolt right in. So basically just un bolt your TD stuff down to the A Arm including the shcoks. Install MGB Shocks and bolt in the entire MGB Disc Brake Assmbly from the MGB Shoks to the TD A A Arm. THERE ARE ONE MAJOR THINGS TO DO. UN-SCREW THE TIE-ROD ENDS LEAVING THE NUT ON. GRIND OFF 1/4" OFF EACH SIDE THEN UN-SCREW THE BOLT OF THE TIE-RODS TO CLEAN UP THE THREADS. INSTALL NEW BOLTS (a thinner bolt would help give you more room). This will give enough to align the front end. Now install the old or new tie-rod ends and hook up. Re-align the front end. You should be good to good. There is come discussion about disc brake dragging problems with the old MG-TD master cylinder causing the brake pads to drag. The TD master cylinder is designed to retain a sesidual pressure of approx. 5-PSI to 10-PSI leaving some force to the caliper piston. The simple solution according to the articale was to simply remove the rubber cup that is inserted into the metal CAP. Be sure that the primary cap seal does not block the smaller of the two transfer holes at the bottom of the reservoir chamber. Also they replaced there brake fluid with DOT 3,4 Synthetic brake fluid. Read the whole articale on the master cylinder at: You can alos buy parts at as well as Moss at a discount.
If you ar going to run wire wheels us ceramic pads they do not show the brake dust. If you want to convert to wire wheels and your MGB is a 4 bolt hub your can buy a Dayton MG-TD wire wheel adapter to match your rear wire wheels or buy Dayton wire wheel adapters all the way around. That is what I an doing. There are also other companies producing Dayton style wire wheel adapters for the standard Dayton spline rather tha MG spline. Through Dayton you can get a MG 4 bolt adapter and use MG wire wheels if you have MG wire already on the rear.
I hope this helpful in your converstion.

R.D. Lyga

P.S. One more note of the converion to MGB Disc Brakes. The brake line to the MGB calipers is 3/8" American Nat'l Fine thread. So if you plan on using TD brake line hose you will need to run a tap.
R.D. Lyga

R.D. - One question I've always had: Can I use TD tie rod ends to mate with the MGB steering arms? Or, if I decide to use MGB tie rod ends, will they thread onto the ends of the TD tie rods? Thanks in advance - Lou VanK.
Lou Van Koningsveld

You should use the TD/TF to mate with the MGB Tie Rod ends. Don't forget to cut off 1/4" off both ends of the tie rod. Leave the old nut on before grinding or cutting off. Then back off old nut to clean up thread. Install new nut. A thinner nut would give more alignment adjustment.
R.D. Lyga

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