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MG TD TF 1500 - Disc Wheels, TD/TF

W. A. Chasser Jr, California, USA
How about TD disc wheels.

I am making a new thread for disc wheels. Yes I have many TD disc wheels , some I have mounted on a wheel hub and checked for true with a dial gauge. What do you need?? Bob
Bob Grunau

Do you have these rims, or W. A. in Ca????

Steve Wincze

Speaking of disc wheels: How prevalent are disc wheel TF 1500's? While I have never done a scientific survey, I saw one the other day and it caught me by surprise.
Christopher Couper


I saw my first one last week at the Peachtree MG's Fall Britsh Car Festival..

There were 8 TF's and 5 were 1500's , the most 1500's I have ever seen at a gathering. BUT one had disk wheels. I had never seen one in 35 years of attending Car Shows. It was quite a surprise also.
Don Harmer

My 1500 also has original wire wheels. In fact, my guess is that you will find a 20:1 ratio for wire wheels vs disc wheels, whether factory original or later installations when being restored.

I can't remember seeing more than one or two restored disc wheel 1500's!

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Just out of curiosity, does anyone have a photo of a disc wheel spare carrier for a TF? I have seen pics of a wire wheel carrier, but not one for discs. Thx - Lou
Lou Van Koningsveld

Hi Tom,
until quite recently the ratio in the UK was the opposite. Now people are converting to wires here.
It was nearly impossible to get replacement disc wheels for years, now they are appearing all the time.
I have a spare set and am now able to cruise in the 70's without shaking out my fillings (3.9 diff ratio 20MPH/1000revs)
Ray TF 2884

Ray Lee

Here ya go Lou.

MG LaVerne

Ray Lee: Are you talking about 1500's in the UK? That would be an interesting observation about home and export if true.

We know from evidence and comments at the time that MG caught a lot of flack in the US for not producing wire wheels on the TD until they came up with the spare tire carrier part outside of TD production.
Christopher Couper

From the cars I have noted on Ebay (USA) I would think about 1 in 8 were disc wheeled. Too bad they were not noted in factory records. I am not surprised the majority of UK cars are discs given the export preference.

M Magilton

Ray - are you saying that there is a source for new disc wheels, or that old ones are being sold as cars are converted? I have also heard that in the UK, TDs with wire wheels sell for a good deal more than TDs with disc wheels.

Go figure

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

most TF's in the UK were 1250's, I have had my TF 1250 for forty years and only now am I seeing a lot of wire wheels about.
I meant second hand wheels and both TD's & TF's with wires command a better price. The other advantage is that S/H drums are also coming onto the market.
I spent many unhappy hours in the 60's respoking and truing wires on my GAN series midgets that I don't want to go there again.
Ray TF 1250
Ray Lee

A picture of my TF1500 with Disc wheels taken in 1969.
Also Lou will send a picture of mount tomorrow,
Cheers John

J.K. Chester-Freeman

Thanks, Ray.
t lange

My TF-1500 has disk wheels. A club member pointed out the rarity of disk wheels on my TF at an overnight trip last weekend. Every TF shown in Clausager's book has disk wheels.

Here's what Clausager says about TF wheels ...
"The disk wheels were the same as those found on the TD, but the hub caps were now made of stainless steel and the MG medallions were left plain ..."

"... Wire wheels were very popular on the TF, especially in the American market, and of the 9600 TFs, 6463 cars (or 67.3%) had wire wheels. Supposedly a wire-wheeled TF should have a letter 'W' after its chassis number but I question whether this is correct for all cars. The design of the wire wheel was changed from chassis number TF/6887 in August 1954, to incorporate a deeper-dished inner flange."


My TF in 1965 and right after I bought it in 2013

LM Cook

Lonnie: Thanks for this statement.

'The design of the wire wheel was changed from chassis number TF/6887 in August 1954, to incorporate a deeper-dished inner flange."

I always just thought of it as 54 versus 55 wire wheels but it appears, like other TD/TF changes was just a 'in series' change over.

For those following at home the earlier hubs were not only shallower but rather than being half circles they were more like pyramids and had a sharper point. They are very distinctive.

Christopher Couper

Found this:

Christopher Couper

For what it's worth - When I purchased TF 8263 in early 2013 it had disc wheels that were the original wheels. It was a California Black Plate car that apparently was originally shipped to California. Documents (Certificate) received from the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust show under the line of "Details of Factory Fitted Equipment" that Disc Wheel were fitted at the factory.
Also for what it's worth - earlier this year I installed "original" wire wheels because I think the TF looks better with them!
Mark Stolzenburg
Chesterfield, Missouri,
Mark Stolzenburg

Lou & Lonnie,
I have photographed my TF1500 disc spare wheel mount also I have just been cleaning up my hub cap medallions on my MG TF 1500 number 8958.
You will note from my photograph were I haven't finished cleaning out the more difficult sections the remains of the original RED paint.
The beginning of another contradiction!!

J.K. Chester-Freeman

Photo of medallion
Cheers John

J.K. Chester-Freeman

Gday John, just interested to know how you determined the red paint to be original.
M Magilton

There is a TF disc wheel spare carrier on Ebay at the moment. It was listed as a TC part but this has now been corrected.
Max Irvine

Bob G.,

I guess you should start a new thread if you want your question at the top answered.
James Neel

Here is a photo of my TF the day I got it. The VIN plate: HDB 46/ 7269 and XPEG /1085.

David Werblow

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