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MG TD TF 1500 - Disk brakes conversion

Just came across this on ebay


Anyone seen it before or used it ?
I would not do it, because Im perfectly happy with my drum brakes, but for those who do a lot of hills it might be useful
(Sorry if it was discussed before and I missed it...)

Mike Fritsch

a wire wheel only it would not work on my you mike, i am fine with the drums. now an easy dual circuit conversion...i have seen this listing on ebay in the recent past.

regards, tom
tom peterson

I did the same thing for less than $100- it's called a junk MGB; even sold the seats for more than the car cost. We wanted the B's wire wheel adapters and rear end for the gearing, while the discs were a welcome bonus. Converted a "New Old Stock" Chevette master cylinder for dual circuit braking and plumbed in a proportioning valve, too. All works great.

Did mine with MGA brakes and same old MC as came with the car. I have wire wheels on my car. I love the disc brakes, they work fine and stop the car nicely.
Tom Maine

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