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MG TD TF 1500 - distributer

TD 4490, I have in my TD a distributer
no. looks like D2/403681
DA 37 --> ( 8ccw) 1F 3.
Can anyone establish what kind of distributer this is and wich type of car it cames from.
ha been in my TD ince I got the car on 1999.
Kind regards
Thoralf Norway MGTD 4490
Thoralf Sorensen (TD4490)


I cannot identify your present distributor but the following information may be of some help to you. My car is TD 4224 [chassis], engine no. XPAG TD 4133. The original distributor has DKY4A 40162A 50. By the look of the numbers on your present distributor, I would say it is not the original. I hope someone on the BB can advise you as whether your present distributor is suitable for your car. If it has been on your MG since 1999, I would guess it is doing the job.

George Raham
George Raham [TD4224]

See I think that the model number is 40368. The '1' on the end is probably a date code, or something like that. At least that's MHO. Bud
Bud Krueger (TD10855)

Hi Thoralf,

If it's any help, according to my Lucas catalogue for the period, a D2A4 distributor no. 40368D is shown for a 'MG midget 1953'. So it seems yours is OK for your car after all!

Incidentally George, from the same catalogue a DKY4A 40162E distributor is shown (amongst other makes) for a 1939-52 'MG Midget'. Perhaps your A is an E ?


J C Mitchell

Earlier distributors are marked DKY4A, which is what your late 50/early 51 should have; later ones with the cotter bolt securing the distributor shaft are D2A4. There should be a date code stamped as the last bit of information, something like 1/53 (which is my guess as to what yours says).

It is fine to use a late dizzie in an early car (with the clamp plate), but an early distributor will not fit a later car. I prefer the earlier distributors, because the quality of materials for the body is higher, but if it causes no problems, let it lie. The originality police will not disturb you...

t lange

John Mitchell,
Hi John,

Your comment made me go to the garage and double check the ID of the distributor. The letter on the end of "40162" is definitly an "A". I do have a distributor with "40162E" but it is from a TD2 block I acquired many years ago.

George Raham
George Raham [TD4224]

Hi George,

Interesting - I couldn't find an 'A' suffix in the catalogue. It appears there were many variations, but all the 'D' shaped dizzies were basically the same, with different cams, weights, springs, clamps etc.


J C Mitchell

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