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MG TD TF 1500 - Distributers

I have been pulling out the stuff that I got along with the spare XPAG engine#3312, originally used in a 1950 TD, that is now going into my 54 TF #3006.
I found 2 Distributers 1 marked D2A 40367B then under it is DA 41 -> 1153 and it is shorter in reach with 4 cam lobes. The other one is marked
DM8A 40581A and under it is A222-> 658 and it has 6 lobes with a longer reach.
What I'm trying to find out is the DA 41 a unit that would work in the XPAG ? (I assume the other must be for a much later 6 cylinder BMC motor) Also if the DA 41 unit is usable with the XPAG engine, how would I determine whether it has an Symetric or Asymetric cam?
Rod Murray

My Lucas parts catalog shows the 40367 as a mgtf distributor, and the 40581 as an Austin Healey distributor.

Hope this helps

L Karpman

Hi Rod,

Your 40367 distributor was made in Nov 1953 (1153!)so might well be the original for your TF. See Archives for lots of info on distrbutors.

Cheers, John.
J C Mitchell

First my spelling sucked this morning:) And thanks for the lead back to the archives you are correct in that there is a pile of stuff there!
Rod Murray

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