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MG TD TF 1500 - Distributor Chirping... Help needed

I recently replaced the plate assembly in the distributor. Now I have a chirping sound. With the engine running, if I put a little lateral pressure on the distributor, the chirping stops. Looking at the distributor body, it looks like the bottom part of the unit moves slightly.

I'm new to working on my car. What do I need to do to either tighten this down or figure out what is really going on?

I appreciate the help.
AB Andrew

"Looking at the distributor body, it looks like the bottom part of the unit moves slightly."

Pop the cap off, obviously... look for scratch marks inside the cap at the posts, for starters. Rotor may be hitting if cap isn't on correctly. I helped a club member with a similar problem- not only were his points only opening a paper thin gap, the condenser was mounted way off so the cap didn't sit down, concentric. It was holding the cap over to one side, where the rotor was machining the cap terminals down. A wonder the cap didn't fracture.

The two issues that come to mind that could otherwise rub, are the point's cam and the centrifugal advance. Can't really think on how anything could might contact the points plate and wobble, but dive in and look for interference.

Maybe now would be a good time to go pertronix?!!?

Thanks. I took the plate assembly out. It looks like the condenser wire was getting pinched, which was probably throwing the top off. Everything back together and I don't hear the chirping even at higher revs.

I was worried it was going to be some expensive fix.
AB Andrew

From your explanation, it sounds like your dizzy body is getting loose on the shaft that goes into the block,,, eventually your will have to send it to some one like Jeff at Advanced Distributors to have the body "reswaged" on the shaft..


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