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MG TD TF 1500 - Distributor died: now what?

1954 mgtf
The part that holds one of the springs below the plate is broken. That part of the body of the distributor that holds one of the clips that holds the distributor cap has broken off. What a mess.
Anglo parts sells a reconditioned distributor assembly for 294 euros.
Moss sells a Mallory distributor but it entails drilling the shaft. Can that be done without removing the engine?
Which do you suggest I do?
Ed Eastman

Check with Jeff at
He is a poster on this forum, and does a great job with Dizzys,,, quck turn around at a fair price...

Steve Wincze

Abindon spares lists them at $242. Likely rebuilt? They are frequently on Ebay as well. George
George Butz

I'm going to send it to Advanced Distributors. Thanks for the referral.
Ed Eastman
Ed Eastman


The Mallory distributor doesn't come with a gear on the bottom of the shaft. You have to remove the gear from your distributor to use on the Mallory and you'll have to drill a hole through the shaft on the Mallory to pin the gear on it. And yes, it is all done with the distributor out of the car.

Gene Gillam

Ed - Jeff did the distributor for our TD about 6 months ago, it feels like I have a brand new car now. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

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