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MG TD TF 1500 - Distributor Experiment

Over the past driving season, I have had the opportunity to experiment with two different distributors in my TD and the results should prove interesting to this group. First, I had one that has the pertronix system and second, I had one that Jeff at Advanced Distributors did for me. I ran the Pertronix for the first half of the season [approx. 250 miles] and the car started and ran very well. I had some trouble getting it set up right , but with a lot of help from members of this BBS, the installation was completed and the car ran like a top. I was very impressed with the performance. The second half of the season [up to now, approx. 200 miles] I ran the dist. that Jeff at Advanced Distr. did and it also started and ran very well. The major difference I noted was under acceleration through the gears. The one from Advanced seemed to respond quicker to the gas pedal. I have no times to compare with, but the seat of my pants and the touch of the gas pedal said " YES". From this test, I know which distributor will be installed in the block I will be assembling over the winter for next season. I hope some of the members find this of interest.
George Raham
TD 4224
G. L. Raham

George, Jeff set up my pertronix equipped distributor and made some changes on the advance curve. I would send yours to him for a pertronix recalibration. Mine really runs like a top.
Jim Merz

Jim M. You could be right. Jeff did not set up the Pertronix and that may well account for the difference in performance. Although the Pertronix ran well, there was a significant difference in the response which could be attributed to the advance mechanizim. Thanks for your comment Jim.
George Raham
TD 4224
G. L. Raham

Hi everybody,

On the Wolseley Car Club of Australia website there is quite a lot of detail about tuning the XPAG/XPAW engine through various tuning levels and mention is made of using a Mini Cooper S distributor. Anyone had experience of this?


David Tinker.
David Tinker

George and others,
I recently sent my distributor from my TF-1500 to Jeff and he was unable to do much with it as it appeared to have been rebuilt at least once before and there simply wasn't enough there from the original to do another rebuilt. What he did do however, was build up a 45D distributor to work in the TF. He also put in a Pertronix ignitor and I gotta tell ya, that TF has never ran so good for me. I simply can't say enough good things about Jeff's service and his abilities. I got a brand new TF outa it.

Cheers - Dennis
D L Rainey

Fitted a Mini Cooper 45D distributor to my TD a few years ago. Supplied by Peter Edney, who if I remember correctly said the cam and advance curve had been modified. To what extent I dont know; may have just said that so he can continue selling them. Still takes standard Mini Cooper points,rotor,cap and condensor. Noticable improvement in steady tickover.
Henry Buckeldee

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