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MG TD TF 1500 - Distributor for 1955 TF 1500

I purchased a reconditioned distributor for my '55 TF 1500. The seller (Abingdon Spares) said it was for a TF 1500, however when I received it the Model description is DKY4A (40162E). Obviously not a direct replacement for my TF distributor.

I note that the shaft length is 1/4 inch too long but I have two 1/8 spacer rings to resolve that issue. I also note that location is not by the TF style Cotter.

Will the DKY4A (40162) work satisfactorily in my TF?
Any advice on securing the location? Is it easily modified to be secured by the Cotter, or any other suggestions?

1955 mgtf 1500 9194

I Massey

I feel quite certain that they have given you the wrong distributor. The 40162E is for an early TD. Have a look at for an idea about the distributors. Bud
Bud Krueger

Bud - Thanks for your prompt response. Any thoughts if it is worth a try to see how it runs, or is it advisable to return it. Abingdon Spares have nothing in their reconditioned pipeline for a TF, and I have not found any other source for a reconditioned TF 1500 distributor.

I purchased it as a temporary replacement while I get my current distributor re-bushed

MGTF1500 9194
I Massey

A very detailed and brief article explaining all the combinations of lengths, spacers etc., and giving all the different original dist. numbers, etc and a bit of other info for TC through TF is on the resources section technical articles. Here-
D mckellar

I would contact Hugh Pite and see if he has one.
L E D LaVerne

Ian, how long will your distributor be out of service? Is it a 40367? I know of a 40368 whose owner is shortly going to be recovering from knee replacement surgery. Bud
Bud Krueger

Ian - Have you called Abingdon Spares regarding the discrepancy? I suspect that they sent you the wrong distributor (one for the early TDs) and will work with you to get it right. Cheers - Dave
DW DuBois

Originally, both the TF 1250 and the TF1500 had a Lucas 40367 distributor. Best to stick with the correct number distributor.

Sometines they need to be re bushed (single, long sinted bronze bush). Also,quite commonly the timing plate becomes loose on the
shaft. Fix these issues, add NOS Lucas points(not the modern junk !)
and the 40367 will work perfectly for a mighty long time.

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

I had to scrap my original TF1250 distributor because the alloy body was loose on the steel core. Its not obvious until you hold the steel core in a vice and twist the alloy body. If it moves then you need a new distributor.
Dave H
Dave Hill

If my memory is not failing me Blair Engle in Talahasse Florida used to repair the units with a loose head.
Sandy Saunders

Dave H, A loose body on the steel core can be repaired. Drill & tap for a set screw, or drill for a roll pin.
( I have OEM Lucas 1 piece bushings in stock for the later distributors.)
Len Fanelli

That seems a very simple solution, so I must try it. Meanwhile I am using a later 45D distributor, set up for me by Jeff Schlemmer. It works very well.
Dave H
Dave Hill

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