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MG TD TF 1500 - Distributor ID

In reading the threads about the electronic ignition I have decided to convert to the pertronix Ignitor and Coil.
I am trying to identify my distributor. It came with the car and I have no history.
Engine XPAG/TD/LHX/1606
Car TD/1851 EXLU
Positive Ground

Don't know what the PO did.
The name plate has a Mercedes symbol???
Model 40162 (symbol) 195A
Type JE

From the PerTronix web site there is this note:
"Note 1. There are two distributor shafts found in 43D4 and 45D4 distributors. The more common shaft has a longer points cam than the relatively rare shaft with a short cam. Remove the rotor and measure the distance from the top of the distributor shaft to the top of the points cam. A dimension of about .420" indicates the shaft with the longer points cam. Distributors with this shaft will take the Ignitors indicated in the table above. A dimension of about .525" indicates the short points cam. The Ignitors will not work in distributors with this shaft."

Mine measures about .375" ????

Also the cam appears to me to be asymmetric???

Is this the right coil and would I benefit from the PerTronix coil?

Also note that there is a 1/8+ spacer above the clamp plate.

Can I keep this distributor and add the PerTronix LU-146P12?

Mort TD 1851

I always get confused on the dizzy I'll let someone that knows more answer that one!
As for the coil ...looks like you have a newer sports coil and if it is working well I do not see any advantage in changing that.
(What I have been using for 10+ years w/ the pertronics.)
DO pay close attention to getting correct unit for poss ground and wiring changes needed for that!

Required reading:

Following Bud Krueger's excellent instructions my install went off without a hitch.

David Sheward

Looks assymetric to me. Not high lift. Pretty sure the 43 and 45 D dizzys are for an MGB or somethig, not for a T series. Not a Mercedes emblem, but kind of looks like it. Some sort of secret Lucas code? The 40162 is the correct original model for the early TD.
George Butz

PS- the question I have is the riveted on plate on the dizzy body. Never seen that before. Wonder if factory rebuilt or replacement? That was not on the original ones. Looks original otherwise. George
George Butz

If you are referring to the name plate it is screwed on not riveted. The picture might be a bad angle.
Mort TD 1851

Hi Mort
I have just replaced my dizzy with a new model based on a 43D. It is a Lucas model made for the TD but you need to remake the fixing bracket. The same model can also accept electronic igniton. The total cost including new leads and coil was just under 200 (approx 320 USD). Decided against electronic ignition to keep integrity of car but new dizzy mad a vast improvement on performance and tickover.
Mick 52 TD
Mick Cook

Mort, there was no plate on the original, the info was stamped into the body. Interesting.
George Butz

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