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MG TD TF 1500 - Distributor ID Help Needed

I have MoWoG part numbers for two different distributors, and am trying to find out how they are different. Can anyone help?

Thanks. Tom Lange. Bar Harbor, Maine

t lange

Tom - I don't have anything on those distributors, other than they are not the ones for the T series cars according to what I do have. Contact Jeff Schlemmer at Advanced Distributors He should be able to tell you all about them. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Just to be clear, these are MG numbers, NOT Lucas numbers. These come from a list of superceded parts for the T-series, many revised in ink.


Tom Lange
t lange


There appears to be something archived on the web at:

It gives the distributor number 168462 "Fin. at engine number 26743". It then continues with dizzy number 168722.

Unfortunately, the document costs x dollars to download or print. It's legible on screen, however, without a fee.

Not sure if this helps.


- Tom.
Tom Bennett - 53TD 24232

Tom - yes, that is my source. I am trying to find out the specific details of the dizzy, and how it differs from ths stock one.

Thanks. Tom
t lange

Good day all:

Sorry to intrude, and late as usual, but you can make of the following what you wish as I am far from an expert. (this is your cue to delete if so desired)

Right then:

Distributor # 168489 (preceeded as # 27 H 5204) is listed in Section K. of the TD Service Parts List AKD 834 (1958 printing), on Page K.2. Oddly enough it does not notate its ending at Engine # 26743. This model, I believe, is the BMC # for Lucas Part # 40162.

(To add more confusion to matters, in the TD Service Parts List, Issue # 1, 1950, the Distributor is simply listed as Part # A 1368. And yes, I know, that doesn't help the situation one iota !)

Distributor # 168462 is listed in Section R. of the 1958 issue, Mark II Supplement to the M.G. Midget (Series "TD") on Page R.2. There is a handwritten marginal reference that it's equated to Lucas Part # 40162 as well. But, I have no idea if that is a true fact ?

Distributor # 168722 is also noted in Section R. of the 1958 issue, again on Page R.2. It is further given that it starts at Engine # 26744. Another marginal notation, also hand written, cross references that number to the Lucas # 40367 unit. Again, I cannot confirm this as fact either.

In any case #'s 168462 and 168489 are BMC Distributor Part #'s.

Respectfully submitted:
Jack Emdall, TC6768/TD3191, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.

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