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MG TD TF 1500 - Distributor play

I started to take the distributor apart to replace the bushing due to excessive play. However while removing the gear drive I noticed that shaft to bushing play was less than the total play of the unit.
The body of the distributor and the lower part that fits into the engine are loose. I had thought these were one piece but it looks like a press fit. The outside of the flange were they fit together measures slightly larger than the inside ( closest to the body). So it would seem that I need to compress the outside of the flange. The question is how to do this. Or who has the equipment to do this in Ontario, Canada.
The car is a1955 TF 1500, if the matters.
D Hanna
This is the guy that can fix your distributor. Jeff Schemler, Minnesota, Very good, great service and great pricing.
Tom Maine

Don, If that is a 45D type distributor on the XPEG engine, I just might have a spare distributor housing. I will dig it up and check the #'s.
C.R. Tyrell

Don - it frequently happens that the tube and the body separate, and the distributor is not always savable. Jeff will drill, tap, and fit allen screws if he can, but they are unsightly. Your very best bet is to send it to him and see what he can do; otherwise, I would start looking for a replacement.

Re-bushing is not easy, and pressing out and in the bushings often is what loosens the two pieces, when not supported properly. You will need a long reamer to fit both bushes at the same time.

Leave it to Jeff.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Tom Maine, thanks for the info. I have heard nothing but good things about Jeff. I am a bit paranoid about shipping it across the boarder being as it is the only one I have but if that turns out to be the best choice that is what I will do.

Colin, the number on this distributor is : 40367D other numbers on it are D2A,,, DA41....754. If you have an extra that you are willing to sell that would be great.

Tom Lange, great info on sewing it together. This distributor has one long bushing instead of the two shorter ones. I had not gotten to the stage of pressing the bushing out yet. I noticed a little extra wiggle when I was removing the pin, gear to shaft and thought it best to ask here.

Thanks again
D Hanna

Don I will go and check the #'s. I have a spare DK4NY type distributor and a spare that came out of a MGA.
C.R. Tyrell

Don - " I am a bit paranoid about shipping it across the boarder being as it is the only one I have but if that turns out to be the best choice that is what I will do."

Not to worry, I get fuel pumps for repair from Canada and it is absolutely no problem shipping them back and forth. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Sorry Don. I have nothing that matches.
C.R. Tyrell

Thanks for looking Colin.
D Hanna

What is the difference between the distributor for the xpag engine and xpeg? Or more to the point will the earlier distributor work in the xpeg 1500 engine. Is the difference actual size or advance curves or ? I see replacements for the earlier and the later distributors but not for this one, any ideas?
D Hanna

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