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MG TD TF 1500 - Do you remember

Does any one remember the first time they saw a MG T, or a new MG T in a dealer showroom?
My first time was C. 1953 in an Amoco gas station / MG dealer in White Plains NY USA. I was 4 or 5 yrs old.
The first car you crashed? My brother crashed a TD on dads used car lot at 10 or so years old!
The first car you hot wired, my brother taught me at about the same time!A TD just move a fuse!
Len Fanelli

Never saw one in the showroom... a friend of my brothers had one...about 1958 or so and he always had it at our house so my brother could fix something that he had screwed up....
1958 Bugeye....winter, 1965...snow storm... turned left into a parking lot and got creamed by a truck overtaking me at the time...charged with improper left turn... crushed door and hand, but that was all... 14 gauge metal on the damn thing..
MGA coupe... put the fuse between the contacts...

Had a friend who's dad owned a gas station in town. He had a TD. That is what got me interested in British. This would have been 1968
Bruce E Cunha

I never saw a TD in a showroom, but my first memory of one was the one driven by my family's doctor, when I was about 4 or 5 years old (mid 1950's). It was red, and he was about 6'2" or 6'3". He charged $5.00 for an office visit and $7.00 for a house call (when was the last time that term was used?). I remember watching him get in and out of the car from my bedroom window-it was something to see! He drove this car in rain, snow, etc. Must have been a hardy soul...or crazy! From those days on, I always wanted a T car, even though it was associated with me having recieved injections and other unpleasent stuff!
Steven Tobias

1954 or 1955 I was going to collage in Boston and I could see two TD's in the courtyard of the adjoining building. I decided that I would be interested in having one some day. 15 years later, having one wife, one son and one house, I bought a TD ($550).

Jan Hurd

I do recall riding in the back of my uncles new TD in the fall of 52, fishtailing down a dirt road whilst he and my father were on a booze run. I don't know if they realized I was in the back. Have enjoyed the cars ever since. It was red with a factory luggage rack and the windscreen was in the racing position. I was only six, but remember it like yesterday. Bob
R.AF. Robert Finucane

I can't say I remember it, but I know the date: July 20, 1969. That was the date my parents brought me home from the hospital riding in mom's lap in dad's TA--the only car they had at the time. The reason I know the date is that the fuel pump died on the way home and we missed the moon landing. To this day, Mom blames the car. Dad blames me.

Mom demanded her own car that same day, and dad bought her a used convertible Morris Minor for $60 that weekend. They still have both cars, and I probably will some day as well.

Andy White
Andy T White

Think I had seen a TC/TD before ...but dad's Black TF 1500 was the first one I drove, at age 3 (think you have all heard that story before), and the one I fell in love with. Dad bought that one new with 500 miles on it. Never forgot that car and knew then I would own one someday.
David Sheward

I had only seen pictures. The first one I ever saw in person was in December of 1979, and I ended up the owner.

Dave Braun

Born in 54 and no dealers in this town. First time at an MG dealer was in 72 in Salem Oregon. Wanted a new midget real bad but that was a pipe dream (literaly). Lusted for the TF since I saw pictures of one in a magazine. First time I saw one in person was when I looked a the basket case I brought home in 2004.

First crash... When I was 17 in our local Mayberry town. Rear ended (slightly) the only town cop car at a stop sign while I was busy with a female ocupant in the passenger seat. Cop was an older version of Barney. His name was Richard but everyone refered to him as " Chief Dick". He motioned me around the corner and there was no damage to his car. Told me I needed to get the headlight fixed on my Sprite and off I went to school....Those were the days.

Hot wire.. went to Saturday drag races and lost my keys to the Sprite some where. To many brewskis I suppose. Had my buddy hold the wires together I pulled off the ignition switch (yes still the 63 Sprite) and we drove home that way. Found the keys on the floor the next day. A year latter some one stole the Sprite from the high school parking lot and left it in the middle of the road out in the country after they broke an axel. Somebody notified me that my car was sitting in the middle of no where. They found me down by the river ditching school in another car doing some serious wrestling with the opposite sex. Never did follow up on it but I'm pretty sure the guy that took it was the one who held the wires together on the trip home from the drags. Got somebody to tow me back to school and called my dad to tow me home. Never told him the unnessasary details.

Those were the days.
LaVerne Downey

Isn't funny how when we are kids we have the energy and lack of attention to lose our keys, and fix the problem under the dash the hard way... instead of when we are older (and because we know we will lose our keys) always put them carefully away... and now we know the really easy spot under the hood to hot wire it with a paper clip so we don't have to waste the energy?

Just don't pull that paper clip out with your bare fingers if you are running the headlamps too...

Dave Braun

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