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MG TD TF 1500 - Does This Photo Take You Back

Sure takes me back a few years. Kept this photo as the girl reminds me of my wife when we were dating, hairdo and dress. PJ

Paul sr

and the chromed wheels!
Ian Bowers

The chrome wheels I am sure were added by the dealer. But what seems odd is the painted headlamp rings.

Do any other late 1952 owners have painted headlamp rings?

Note TD 23834 still has Chrome ones

Chris Couper

Show cars, whether produced by the factory or by the US distributor, often had outlandish embellishments. In the factory production ledgers cars are specially marked as being for "Show." I don't think any TDs were ever produced with all that bling, or with painted headlight rims. I suspect that if the car survives, a later owner no doubt returned it to painted wheels, being positive they were not originally chromed!

I have a photo of a TD chassis at the 1952 Los Angeles Autorama, and it's lots of fun to list all that was chromed. I'll trey to post it another time.

Tom Lange
MGT eEpair
t lange

My '52 TD (12947) has red painted headlamp rings. I don't know if they are original since at some point the car was in a front left crash of some kind. I had always thought that I would replace with chrome rings when the time comes.

Hope this helps,
Patrick Earles

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