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MG TD TF 1500 - Dopke TD model

Hello all. A fellow club member has a new unassembled/unpainted TD model for sale. Is there an 'expert' out there that can give me more details and insight about them? Maybe even a current value and how would I find when this was manufactured? Thx FOG
FOG Frank


See for information about Doepke from a Dutch enthusiast!

JL Nederhoed TD3966

Doepke MGTD models and their Jaguar XK120 are collectible enough that Thomas Toys now reproduces replacement parts for these that may have gone missing or gotten broken over the years. They were originally all sold as unpainted bodies in kits for the owner to paint and assemble. Ebay will give you a value guide if you check completed listings for Doepke MG.
John Quilter

Hello John - I tried to contact you direct but your firewall won't let me thru. Would you contact me at . Thx........Frank
FOG Frank

I've been watching these on eBay for years, but never got excited enough to pay the $200 to $300 they tend to sell for. The best ones tend to go for the upper end of that range and poor condition ones below it. The repair parts are sold on eBay, as well.

I've no idea what an unbuilt version goes for, though there is one for sale for $449 on eBay right now. It would make sense that the unbuilt ones in the box are more valuable, 'cause that is the way the model car collector world seems to work.
David Littlefield

Thanks for posting this thread, I'd never heard of these. They are remarkably elaborate models!
And no, I'd never consider buying one... but fascinating none the less!
Geoffrey M Baker

A few years ago a fellow (Greg?) who has since passed away had many posts on the board about them. Dig in the archives and see what is there. George
George Butz


CJCenzer was the fellow...I just checked the archives and all of the off-site pictures of his models have been deleted.

Gene Gillam

I have a few pictures here:

I have a real nice red one (naturally) not pictured. There is (was?) a guy that was selling parts to these in case you find something missing or broken.

Christopher Couper

My son bought me a Corgi-wire wheel mgtf right hand drive around 4 years ago. It was made in GT Britain. Age, I have no idea, but it's dark Green and in excellent condition. PJ

Many many thanks to those that replied, it HAS been very interesting reading & education, I'll keep you updated. I doubt that I will get there this weekend with the 24" of snow moving in but we'll see. One question still not answered and I didn't read about is the date of manufacture. Is there somewhere on the case body or elsewhere, as to when these were cast or were they ONLY cast in 1952, none in 54 or 55 etc. FOG
FOG Frank

Frank, hello. I think model (plastic) kits of TDs are like 'hen's teeth' in fact I purchased one on EBay last year which did come to me from the USA. It was advertised as 1:24 scale and is quite crude without the detail expected now from more modern kits. In my opinion the scale was between 1:24 and 1.32. The reason I say this is because I used wire wheels from an Airfix 1:32 MGB kit to replicate my own car. The circumference is identicle to those supplied with the TD kit. I am sorry that I can't remember the kit maker but I guess it must have been 1970s. If you let me have an email address I can send you some pics if you like? Regards, Peter.
P J Wilgoss

Back in the early 80s I was bought two new Corgi models of the TF. One my son played with, the other has never come out of the box.
Next post shows a Victory battery powered TF ...


David Wardell

Here's the Victory battery powered TF. It's packaging was in the form of an export crate. You turn it on by turning the spare wheel at the back.
The guy who knows all about MG collectables is Michael Ellman-Brown - he published a book, MG Collectables, in 1997. He even has a picture in it of himself dressed in the Abingdon factory gate guards uniform.


David Wardell

Hello Peter, here is my email. Many thanks, cheers. Frank
FOG Frank

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