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MG TD TF 1500 - Dot 3 instead of Dot 5

Recently had some work done on my car, mechanic said he thought I needed some more brake fluid, but didn't have any of the DOT 5 that I said was in the reservoir. Went out bought a new bottle, put it on my shelf and noticed I had an open bottle of DOT 3. Looked in my master cylinder, and it's clear not purple. How much trouble am I in? I have been driving the car without any issue.
TRH Hammond

With luck you have mixed fluid in just the master cylinder and also maybe in a limited amount of pipework but not the cylinders. Check by loosening each bleed screw in turn to see what comes out. If its all purple, I would siphon it out of the master cylinder, open up the adjacent screw joint and blow back from all the the bleed screws. Probably then worth removing the master cylinder to clean it and replace the seals. Then put it back, refill with Dot5, get the air out and you are good to go.
Dave H
Dave Hill

This thread was discussed on 28/07/2017

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