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MG TD TF 1500 - Drain plug thread damaged in sump

Today I make the annual oil change. When I try to tighten the drain plug I feel that the plug cannot be tighten just before I have the feeling it could be OK, the thread release back to the next grove. The Plug looks OK but the aluminum sump I believe is damaged.
Did you have any suggestion ho to repair that? If possible without engine removal and without sump removal.
Is there any possibility to cut a new oversize Thread in the sump from Outside and to fix a bush in it which have the plug thread inside?
Any help is appreciated.

Is this on the sump that you installed the easy drain plug??



Guenter, There is a rubber expandable plug that works very well. It could be used until a better solution is available. Sold here in most auto stores. Tapping out to a larger threaded hole is an option using a larger drain plug for measurements. Not knowing how correct you want the sump to look, a heli-coil is a possibility to use the original plug. PJ
P Jennings

The drain hole is already at 1/2 British Standard Pipe and it is doubtful that it would be enlarged to the next size without removing the boss that is there for the threads. A helicoil (recoil) is probably the best solution. A kit can be purchased from Uni-Thread - they are quite expensive (£60 plus shipping), but will fix the problem correctly. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

The problem with the helicoil fix is the chips (swarf,)it will get into the sump without a doubt. and any is too much. Best use the rubber expanding plug system till the next engine tear-down.

Then you have the option to use the helicoil type repair or get it welded and then retap to the original size.

BTW check the rubber for it's resistance to oil, real rubber won't work. Neoprene is pretty good and is probably what is used in this type system.
Bob Jeffers

@ Steve,
unfortunately I have not fitted this system. I ordered but I got the wrong size at that time. Therefore I could not install that. I still live with the original plug. With this gimmick I believe I would not run in the trouble Iím in now.
Anyway, I believe the suggestion from David will be the solution. May be in conjunction with a drain system as shown in Steveís Answer. Will see, thanks,

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