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MG TD TF 1500 - dual air filters

Seems like I've seen quite a few pics of cars here where the single air filter has been removed and two small pancake filters attached to each carburetor. I was trying to tune my carbs this morning and boy, when I put the filter back in place, it clearly restricts a lot of air; I had to readjust.
I was wondering about the pros and cons of separate filters and to get some feedback from those here using them...
Geoffrey M Baker

I have pretty good Mark II experience, and have read many early reviews of the cars. There is NO question that the stock air intake does indeed restrict, which is why the later Mark II used a larger diameter intake. Read Tom McCahill's cranky review in Mechanix Illustrated!

There is also no doubt (in my mind) that two pancakes breathe better. Show and Go: I suggest using the pancakes when driving for pleasure, and take the manifold and oil bath to shows, installing them in the field for looks only. The performance vs looks question is one that only the owner can decide.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Tom, so what do you do about the breather tube that fits onto the valve cover? Anybody recommend a particular pancake set?
Geoffrey M Baker

A better option is TF filters, the BEST is TF filters with K&N elements in them.
The Hillings filters Moss sells also choke the air off.
D. Sander

I second Dave Sanders comment above.
My TF had the S&H filters you see all the time when purchased. (Stock Vokes were in the boot)
A definite improvement now running these with K&N elements.
(Cut my own filters.)
The front one has a hook-up for breather, but you will have to improvise on the tube as TD is on top, and TF comes off the side of the valve cover.
David Sheward

Dave Sander, as far as I can tell, moss does not distinguish between air filters for the TD and the TF. Not the aftermarket ones, anyway; they are based on carb diameter. So I'm not sure what you mean, "a better option is TF filters"
Geoffrey M Baker

Sorry Dave; I see that Moss sells a specific TF filter that I guess is a proximate copy of the original. Bit steep for me; I think I'll just go with the aftermarket pancakes. I'll have to figure out some sort of attachment or a separate filter for the valve cover breather tube.
Geoffrey M Baker

Geoffrey ,
IMHO: The after market S&H are NOT worth the money.
They are very restrictive....possibly more so than the stock TD set-up!

Use your imagination ...and I am sure you can come up with something better.
I have those on my TR also ...hope to make them "gone" this year.

Maybe rework a set of S&H to have better (fatter) intake?

Hope that link worked ....if not I'll try to reactivate the thread from archives.
David Sheward

Didn't work...see this reactivated thread:
Thread: K&N Filters for Volks AC ~TF~
David Sheward

I see I mis-wrote above - what I MEANT to say is that using TF Vokes filters is what I recommend if you are rerally driving the car. Average S+S and the like chrome filters are junk, and don't filter worth a damn.

Cut-down modern filters in TF Vokes housings seem the best way to go.

Sorry fir the incomplete answer before.

Tom Lange
t lange

I did a search for "K&N BM-0400" this morning and found them for $25/30.
From what others said this will fit the S&H?
(Still have to cut it in half to get "2". I ordered one from Amazon for my TR that still has S&H on it.)

On the breather tube:
Either make a entrance to back of one of the carb mounts or Moss sells this: page 58 of current catalog.
(Yikes...considerably more $ than I remember spending for one 13 years ago!) Maybe find one on Feebay?

David Sheward

Had these on my 55 when I got it. They look to small to breath right, but I could be wrong. I replaced them with Volks the missus bought me as a present! The engine looks a little better now also. Grin. PJ

Paul S Jennings

You might also try taking one of the mounts to local Harley / MC shop to see if they have an alternative at reasonable price!
David Sheward

Thanks David; I've moved my comments to the other reactivated thread on K&N!
Geoffrey M Baker

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