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MG TD TF 1500 - Dual Circuit master Cylinder again

master cylinderbr>I read a lot of Articles in the archive. In 2012 Jim Northrup reports in detail how to convert a chevi MC into the TD. I like the Idea to find a solution like Jim did, to bolt the Dual MC at the same place as the original was installed even to use the same bolds to fix it at the frame.
I don
GK Guenter

Why do you want to do this is my first question? Unless you going to add disc brakes or have different sized drums front to back that would then necessitate a proportioning valve, I don't see what advantage there is to going to the the trouble. Enlighten me...

Bill Chasser
W A Chasser

How about the obvious, Bill - Security. Belt & Suspenders. Bud
Bud Krueger

Yes Bill, for SAFETY that's the driver.
Have you driven your TD in Switzerland? Going up and down and one curve after the other. Believe me you would be happy to have that little bit more on safety. Or you have and reliable guardian angel.

GK Guenter

Hi Guenter:
I will email you the article that I have about doing the duel MC conversion on my TF. My main computer is down at the moment but I will do this as soon as I can.
The process is a bit obtrusive to the TF. The car that I did it to came into my possession with an rather crudely installed MGB powertrain. Since the cost of finding everything needed to bring it back to original would have greatly exceeded the TFs value, I decided to redo the installation and then continue with a complete MGB disk brake and differential conversion. Since installing an MGB duel master cylinder in a TF would necessitate conversion to hanging peddles and visually altering the appearance of the car I opted for the under the floor conversion.
While I have not driven the car extensively, the braking road tests I did illustrated that the system works very well on my car. Peddle pressure is not excessive, there was no evidence of slewing or rear brake lockup, the control is easy and progressive, and it stops on a dime.
I considered Jim Northrup's solution of drilling the cast iron reservoir body of the MC and brazing in a couple of tubes in order to run bolts to the original mounting points but it presented a couple of major problems for me. First: in Alberta, Canada it is illegal to have any welding, brazing or soldering in a braking or steering system (mounting points are OK). Secondly: the use of brass in any stress point on a vehicle (including body work anywhere on a unibody vehicle) is also against the law since brass is structurally brittle and will not take any flexing whatsoever. The system that I came up with complies with these requirements.

My caveat, though, is that this is a only a report of what I did to my car and is not a recommendation for others to do the same. What you or others do to your cars are your and their respective responsibilities and not mine.

Godspeed in Safety Fast
John Crawley

I believe that I have been on that hilly road a few times.One of those I took was the St Gottard pass.
frose our butts off at the top. If I remember it was about 11000 ft above sea level.
I honestly believe that I read my own liscence plateof the tight corners.
That trip was with a 1959 Bug eye.
fm melling

Congratulation fm and happy to hear that you have survived. At that time when you did the ride I was just 19 year old.
All the best,
GK Guenter

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