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MG TD TF 1500 - Dual Exhaust on TD

Just got back from a car show in Northern NJ called Britfest. It's an annual show that's been going on for many years. This was my first time there. Beautiful day great crowd and cars. About 150 cars. Nicely run show.
There was a gentleman there who bought his TD second hand in 1954 for $950. It is in beautiful shape and beat me out for first place in the T series class.
Look at the photo. He has dual exhaust system he put in maybe 40 or 50 years ago. Two manifolds, two mufflers and two pipes. Made by a company called Huth in California. I find no reference in Google.
I'm not an expert in this but it seems that it would make the engine run cooler since the hot exhaust gas can be removed much faster.
Here are the questions:
Will it significantly run cooler?
Does anyone know if something like this is available?
Is it worth pursuing?

Mort Resnicoff (50 TD-Mobius)


I've seen these type of manifolds occasionally on eBay...I think a couple of members of this board have them on their TDs.

Gene Gillam

They come up from time to time on Feebay Mort. John B has a twin set up on his TF. Can't comment on cooler or not.

Seen here.
L E D LaVerne

If anyone who has them sees this I would appreciate a contact. You can use my e-mail above.

LaVerne ....Who is John B?
Mort Resnicoff (50 TD-Mobius)

Mort - there were two makers in the 50's of split exhaust manifolds, Huth and Solt. I have one of each on my Wall o' Speed; they are very similar. I doubt they would run much cooler in terms of temp, but they are cool in terms of, well, cool. They are at the midpoint between stock manifold and headers. When you figure they need an entirely custom exhaust system, they end up being pretty expensive, for maybe a few more HP, if that.

They do come up on eBay from time to time.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Mort -- You have an e-mail from me

John B (Brickell)
John Brickell


We have one of these locally on a TF; but in this case, it differs somewhat from the pic you have shown. Each siamese pair carries down to well under the bodywork before re-joining.

I suppose that's for effeciancy

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.

Gordon Clark

Gotta love that Magnacharger/dual exhaust combo! We run a magnacharger and I've had to come to grips with engine temps and heat.
I my opinion, the dual would would not be much cooler running than the stock manifold. Might add another horsepower if truly dual exhaust. The stock XPAG manifold beats most car manifolds, but sand cast manifolds won't flow like tubular headers, and I really don't believe they'd make much of an improvement temp wise.
Personally, I worry more about the air/fuel raio and its influence on exhaust valves and detonation, rather than temp. Run an O2 sensor & air/fuel ratio meter and a Knocklite to keep an eye on that.
That being said, I pulled the radiator today to install a recored one tomorrow. Running 230F at 80mph on a hot day makes wife & I keep an eye on the motometer. That'll be a thing of the past, knock on wood.
Also getting around to installing an overflow tank so the radiator runs completely full all of the time.
A remote oil filter/cooler is waiting in the wings.
There is one problem that dual exhaust & headers would exacerbate, engine compartment temps. The close proximity of the exhaust and the fuel line running up to the fuel pump is the prime reason for vapor lock. I installed 2 fuel pumps under the gas tank to alleviate this. Riding in the passsenger seat & having removed the foot rest, the firewall got so hot, it would burn my feet wearing sandals.
I procured some 2" flexible stainless tubing and covered all the exhaust pipes from the manifold on back to the back bumper. Gives it sort of a vintage "Duesenburg" exhaust look, as well as knocking the heat down a touch.
Also picked up one of Len's roller lifter cams for street supercharged engine. I agree with his philosophy on minimal overlap- don't like the idea of blowing fresh air & gas out the exhaust.

Jim Northrup,
If you are right about the dual exhaust having only minimal effect on the engine temp, then I don't think it's worth the effort for me. I had my manifold and the pipe to the muffler ceramic coated so that helps.

I also put in an oil cooler and that helps.

I recently remove my MGB overflow tank from my cooling system. I put it there because I was throwing off coolant each time I stopped after an extended run. But with various improvements in the cars performance I found that the overflow tank became superfluous. If you want the tank from the B you can have it.

If you could get me more info on the O2 sensor I would appreciate it. I have minimal tune up experience and skills so anything that would help me keep the fuel mixture proper would be desirable. I searched the Innovative web site but became totally confused by the various products. They also seemed not to supply product for a positive earth car.


Mort Resnicoff (50 TD-Mobius)

Just for the heck of it, I will post pictures of the three types of split manifolds that were available for our TDs, TFs and TCs that I have found over many years.
This the Douglass

Jim Merz

Here is the Huth

Jim Merz

And last, here is the Solt. Wish the pics were a bit clearer.

Jim Merz

Thanks, Jim - but now I have to look for a third one to complete my Wall o' Speed!

t lange

I have Manley's tubular headder and installed an O2 sensor bung in the collector right before the pipe starts. I haven't used it yet, but I want to some day. Manley runs two O2 sensors on his race car. One on the #1 pipe and one on the #4 pipe right after they come off the head. It allows him to isolate the gas charge from each carb.

Since I installed my headder, I have found things to be fine temp wise and they seem to be a bit cooler now with the headder. I no longer have any issue with the vapor lock issue that many have. Though I also ceramic coated the headders which my cast iron manifold was raw.

Alex Waugh

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