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MG TD TF 1500 - Duaql Brakes, MGTD

Does anyone make a dual master cylinder that can be adapted to the TD???
Al Corbin

Al What are you trying to achieve? A master cylinder from an MGA can be fitted in there. I have done it.
Sandy Sanders

Want to publish the details Sandy? This could be a real safety item.
Jim Merz

I did that over 20 years ago when I had a badly rusted frame and all sorts of bits pertaining to TD's/ However I did not have an xpag with transmission. I installed an 1800 MGB with overdrive trans and MGA diff.. The MGA master cylinder bolted to the same place as that of the TD. Then I made up push rods and used MGB slave cyl. The big problem eas to get the steering to clear the manifold. I ground a notch for clearance and welded in a patch.
Sandy Sanders

Sounds pretty complicated for an upgrade to a dual M/C. I think you have greater skills than most of us. Thanks.
Jim Merz


I think you under-estimate the ingenuity, talent, & ability of the collective here. I, mainly, hang out with the MGB V8 crowd, but I am always amazed at the the knowledge & skill displayed on this forum. This is a great bunch to hang with.
Carl Floyd

On my non-original TF I installed a Vega duel brake master cylinder. It involved cutting the back out of the Clutch/Brake Box (easily replaced by welding) and fabricating a bracket. The Vega MC is a very close design to the TD/TF one but is of duel construction. It is cast iron and looks the same with the filler on the top.
I also used the Vega proportioning valve. My TF has MGB disks and MGB diff but the set up should work on a stock system. If anyone wants details just drop an e-mail.
Godspeed in Safety Fast
John Crawley

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