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MG TD TF 1500 - Dynamator fitting?

I'm considering replacing the Dynamo on my 1953 negative earthed TD with a ‘Stealth Dynamator’ to cope with phone-charging and satnav use.

The wiring instructions that come with the Dynamator are very basic and I wondered if anyone has fitted this piece of kit and can tell me the correct wiring plan using a RB106 control box?
Also the instructions with the Dynamator inform me that 'the wire used for the main feed from Dynamator to the battery should be rated at least 45amps’. Is there any information about the amp rating of the wiring in a standard loom for the TD?
Mike Christie

Mike. Its an easy job. There are excellent diagrams on the Dynalite website that are totally relevant (owing to copywrite I don't want to post them here). You can use a dummy regulator or the original regulator (both diagrams provided). I chose to make a dummy regulator from a used one bought off ebay. I ripped out the insides and fitted a 45amp fuse therein. I upgraded the wiring to 45amp (the existing wiring is inadequate). Choose whether to keep the ammeter in circuit or not. It can be modified, but no real need as the current draw is unlikely to be that high, and in any case you only need to know if there is a charge or discharge. There is a strong case for taking the ammeter out of circuit and using a voltmeter instead. Initially I did that but have now fitted an LED that changes colour according to volts, as its less obtrusive.
Dave H
Dave Hill

If your generator can’t keep up with a phone charger, then you may have other problems.

LM Cook

I agree with Lonnie. No need to change anything, as the stock generator will have more than enough power to run the car and your devices.
Steve Simmons


If you ran a dozen Stat-Navs and Phone the generator would not know the difference. A couple of AA batteries will operate a phone for days.

For example, with wipers, heater and all lights running for over twelve hours in a snow storm I never experienced any problem with adequate generator output.

Jim Haskins 1953 TD
J. M. Haskins

Thanks for the comments.

Mike Christie

I agree with Lonnie and the others. Last weekend along with 30 other British cars, I took the TD on a 155 mile tour through the Blue Ridge Mountains. The day started out at 38 F (4.45 C) so, in addition to my GPS, I had plugged into the dash utility sockets a pair of Harley-Davidson electrically heated gloves. The day was sunny and dry so we made the whole tour with the hood down. It was dark by the time we were about 10 miles from home so that part of the drive was with the headlights on. My stock generator handled all of that with no problem and my battery was fully charged when I pulled into the garage.

J. K. Chapin


I change to a dynalight and have had no problems even driving 1600kms in the first few weeks of fitting. I only put mine on because I have a set of high power sealed beam headlights and the ammeter alway was in discharge with main beam on. I would say get a new pulley rather than use your old one.
B W Wood

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