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MG TD TF 1500 - Earth to Gordon...


I need to get in touch with you about a TD steering wheel I would like you to do for me. I've tried through your website and I've tried but my mail keeps coming back "user unknown". Would you please e-mail me?

Many thanks,

Allen Bachelder

Sorry Allen... the address should work....

Many thanks, Gordon!

Allen Bachelder

Dear Allen,

Sorry, but I am going to keep my Nardi wheel. It is far too expensive to take the day-to-day abuse that I put to my TF steering wheel. I have a motolita that I am refinishing fot myself, but it too, is not for sale. I have a TC wheel that is a winter project and three old TD wheels that I plan to put wood on.

Try Gord Lawson. I think he does some of this refinishing.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qu
Gordon A. Clark

Ooooops! My apologies, Gord. I knew full well that you frequent the BBS as much as the OTHER Gordon, but it never occurred to me to be more specific in my subject heading. "Earth to Gordon Lawson" would have been better.

It's great to hear that you use your TF so much. Congratulations and keep it up! I use my MGs a lot - mostly my B/GT, and now my C/GT for daily use. My wife won't let me drive the TD that much until I get seat belts in it. ' Hopefully, that will be very soon.

Best regards,
Allen Bachelder

Gee Gordon, my Nardi was only $55.00...!


Gord (Lawson),

My Nardi is a work of art made originallay I belive for the Giuletta. Its unique in that it's a thin mohagany rim with an ebony insert and absolutely no aluminimum shows either inside or outside .. just solid wood.

I cobbled up a hub from an old TD hub.

Its just too nice to mount (pix on request).

My daughter has a lovely Moto-lita on her GAN3. No rivets. My Moto Lita, which I'm in the process of re-finishing, has rivets that show, But most importantly, it's sturdy and frankly, that's important to me. So that will replace my present, and original, TD wheel which is becoming almost dangerous!

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.

Note to Allen Bachelder in Mich.: Its starting to get cold. When I put my TF away for this year, probably in Novenber, I wil have put on over 4,000 miles on it this summer. My day-to-day 5-speed (manual) Dodge Minivan, I drove less than 400 miles this summer. It sits at the side of my driveaway with a dead battery!

When one is single, retired and a fresh-air freak, like me, one can get away with this!


Gordon A. Clark

Gordon.... would love to see photos of your wheels?

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