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MG TD TF 1500 - ebay annoyance

Is anyone else annoyed by the multiple listings for blue seat covers, radio antennas, etc. etc.? It makes it really difficult to actually find real T-series items. Yes, they have a right to sell, but why 15 listings for the same thing? Or do they really think someone will buy that stuff for a T-series? Or do I just have too much time on my hands complaining like this? George
George Butz

Even more annoying if you punch in something like "1937 Armstrong Siddeley steering wheel" ! Amazing how many accessories are made to suit. But, it is really worse for common cars, like Mazda, where there are like 109,000 results found for such a search.
My pet peeve is the search listings that don't have anything, except listings of other listings that do the same.

FR Millmore

Do you really think it would do any good to complain to Ebay? They do have several ways to contact them. JL
James Lea

Good day all:

I had sections for M.G. TC and TD parts book marked, separately, but became fed up with the plethora of baseball team and individual player photographs that glutted both those two fields (no pun intended).

However; I finally gave up using eBay altogether, as many US sellers will not ship to Canada. This action has caused my giving many a desired M.G. part a miss.

Respectfully submitted:

Jack Emdall, TC6768/TD3191, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.



If you know of anyone looking for a complete but sad 1960 Armstrong-Sidley Saphire (LHD) with the pre-selector gearbox, there's one in my area going begging.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A Clark

IMHO: Problems with ebay/feebay.

The transformation from “ebay to feebay” …there is a fee for everything.
Most annoying are those of “paypal” (the only way to buy there now!)
A $50.00 fee (on both ends) for a $5.00 item that the seller never received payment for!
They charged my account (and the sellers) but never resolved the problem. The seller and I resolved the problem …but between us were out nearly $150 that went in paypal’s pocket. I closed my paypal account and will never use them again.
(My wife still does, and has been ripped off several times by these scoundrels.)

Over posting for item’s that should not even show-up from my search.
(200 of the same ad for “neon windshield washers” from a search for “MGT” ? )

I lost interest when bidding became “anonymous” . You used to have some idea “whom”
you were doing business with, and/or bidding against. IMHO …doing this was an open invitation to “shill bidding” . Great for feebay, as it drives the price and FEES up.

It’s a shame …used to be a great place but no longer.
I rarely use them anymore ….Amazon & Craigslist, yes…but I have to be pretty desperate to use feebay these days.

David Sheward

Break my heart! On;y 980 of those made 58-60, LHD + preselect must make it a hen's tooth. Unfortunately, I can't do anything about it.
But we could get David to find accessories!

FR Millmore

George Butz: Yes I am also very annoyed by the huge number of multiple listings for generic accessories that are not vehicle specific. I often search the Morris Minor listings and this search is totally contaminated with mass marketing for seat covers, car covers, hub caps, none of which are vehicle specific. When I list something for sale I am charged for each listing. What are these mass marketers charged for their hundreds of listings? For rare vehicles wouldn't one or two listings be sufficient and if they sell, relist again.
John Quilter (TD8986)

I have good news for you - tomorrow I am due to release the new version of MG AuctionWatch ( and I intend to filter out ALL those blimmin' car cover ads once and for all! I'll post again here once it's been released - I think you will like this new version! Takes someof the annoyance out of eBay.

In the meantime you can take a peek at the old version, here - listings should be a lot cleaner than directly searching on eBay.

Steve James

I agree with the above posts. Especially the outrageous fees. Between eBay and PayPal fees it ends up about ten percent. I try not to sell much of anything there but sometimes I list some things and pay the price because it brings me more business.

But then other than here and the MGE it's tough to reach a lot of MGTD-TF people.

BTW, I currently have the 4.55 axle on eBay and I have a 4.3 ready to ship as well. (shameless plug)

Dave Clark Arizona

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