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MG TD TF 1500 - ebay arnolt

I am sure many folks noticed the Arnolt MG that sold recently on ebay- I came across the "ebay stories blog "which tells the story of how the seller, a jeweler, accidentally bought the car when he purchased a lot of watches-interesting! I would provide a link if I knew how , but you can google it.
J K Barter

Man, that car is such a beauty, amazing how different a TD can look like and both ways are great ! I just found out that the arnolt is also availabe as a drophead coupe, that's even better...
Mike Fritsch

There is also a very good article about this Arnolt in the May 2012 Classic Motor Sports Magazine Issue 156. John
JR Mahone

I wonder if the car y'all are talking about is the one shown in the attached image (lower pic, the upper car is a 4-seat TD by Inskip Motors displayed at the 1953 New York international motor Show).

The caption for the lower pic says: italian build grand tourismo bodies graced TD midget chassis as offered by the S. H. Arnolt Company in Chicago. The licence tag on the front says "ARNOLT - 53"

J K Chapin

Oops! There was supposed to be a picture with that last post - trying again

J K Chapin

Here is an image.

J K Barter

A company called NEO is making a great 1:43 scale model of the Arnolt MG coupe now. Rare car and rare model but I still like the Triumph Italia better
John Quilter (TD8986)

There is one on exhibit at the Larz Anderson museum in Arlington MA. for anyone in New England. Fascinating place even if that car is not there now, don't know the rotation of loaned cars.

FR Millmore

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