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MG TD TF 1500 - eBay Mark II racer

The "ex-Carroll Shelby" TD/C on eBay just sold for $18,988.88.

I hope the buyer takes the time to contact Shelby and verify that this is the actual car he raced (thrice) in 1951-2. It surprises me that it seems to have few of the go-fast goodies one would expect of a 50's racer - no headers, only a single fuel pump, etc. Perhaps it's all INside the engine...

t lange

re: single fuel pump -- it surprises me it would not have go-fast goodies that came as standard equipment on a TD/C!
Rob Edwards

Tom - do you have the ebay serial number for it? Since the listing's done, I can't look it up, but with the serial number it'll still be there.

Shelby's BRG TC sold for HUGE money - $313,000 at Barrett-Jackson - so for someone to advertise a TD/C with a single fuel pump and saying that it's a Shelby car as well? Hmmmm - sounds totally wrong on all counts.

Here's Shell's TC all fixed up - did the magical TD look at good as this?


Dave Jorgensen

eBay 180494600194

I can't tell whether it has the Andrex shocks, and no mention is made.

t lange

Given the money anything touched by Carroll Shelby brings it seems very odd that there is no documentation on that. IMHO: does not seem like that would be too hard to find out for sure. Woneder if the new owner will do so?
David Sheward

I'm always very uncomfortable when I see reproduction ID plates on any T-series, and would need to see the dumb-iron stamping and check various other details to be positive this was a TD/C.

I would be VERY careful...

t lange

For sure a "scarry" looking font on the ID!
I have a "repro" tag for my radiator (and the orginial, it had been painted.) The engraver I had do the repro did a better job than what I saw here. And that was just on a radiator tag!
I think I would have checked out the "reputedly" before bidding.
Then again ...if the high bidder did that, and CS will sign the dash he might have made a very good investment.
David Sheward

What do you make of the document in the pictures. Thought the TD began in 1942 - that is what Clausager says. They have January 1950
Bruce Cunha

Not sure what you mean by the 'document', Bruce. The TD was indeed introduced in early 1950, although, obviously, cars were made in late '49 as 1950 models. No such thing as a '42 MG; the UK was deep in war production in '42, and MG had produced no cars after the TB in 1939, until 19345 when the TC was introduced.

t lange

Sorry, not 19345 as above, but 1945. Tom
t lange

My typing also is bad. I meant 1949. In the pictures on E-bay is a picture of a document that talks about the TD.

Bruce Cunha

Tom - gang,

I sent the seller a request for added photos of the dumb iron, engine, etc., as well as any evidentiary proof of the provenance. Nothing.
TD/C 17198
Paul Gaynor

The seller probably figures it sold, so why bother? From my point of view it has had so much "improvement" (ID plate especially) to make it un-trustworthy. I mean, it's not a concours car, so why replace the ID plates with so obviously new reproductions? A bit slippery to me...

That being said, I wonder if anyone on this list bought it or knows who did?

t lange

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