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MG TD TF 1500 - eBay TC with 3,237 'Original' miles


Boy - where to start... Other than the dash, switches and some instruments, interior, kick panels, carpet, horns, TF air filters, tools, fuel pump, VW tail-lights, front fender lights, unpainted side panels on the gas tank (so the car has been re-painted, top, tires, etc. etc. Is the engine tag even a TC tag or a replacement engine tag?

Laughter all around - has THAT dealer ever been sold a bill of goods! I'm delighted to see original cars because they are true teaching tools. But when a car is offered as one thing and is not, then I get cranky...

Comments welcome.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Love that top, red carpet, plush interior with matching dashboard, Repro grille and the fact that the body tub has so much plastic in it the seam where the rear quarter panels overlap is gone, and the black paint on the firewall. I'd sooner believe it had 3 million miles on it than three thousand. I'm sorry, but that ad is offensive.
It is a very unremarkable car.
D. Sander

Also, please note that the VIN listed, HDA467825 is for a Black, North American TF 1500. The T-Register record lists it as HDA 46/7825 with engine number XPEG/1694, built Nov 3, 1954 and has it recently registered as #14077.

Being annoyed by the non-original stuff listed above, I sent the following to the seller via ebay

"The VIN number you quote, HDA467825 is for a 1954 MG TF 1500 with engine number XPEG 1694. The photo you show of the engine looks like an XPEG from the 1 1/2 in carbs and TF air filters.

Is this then a replacement engine from a TF in a TC and you have then used the wrong VIN?
The Vin for a TC should be TC xxxx, Not HDA 46/7825. It is not original!"
Don Harmer

I was wrong, after looking at the engine photos again, it is an early XPAG engine, with TF air filters, not an XPEG. But still has a TF VIN number
Don Harmer

Good Lord ...Harbor Freight made a TC?
Makes you wonder if High bid is an attorney with a grudge against this dealer.
David Sheward

I just re read the ad a little more closely. He states that the only unoriginal thing on the car was a conversion to 12 volts to make mantenance easier. Good grief!
D. Sander

You think maybe the odometer has been messed with. the numbers are crooked, looking as if someone has tampered with the odo. love that all white "origianl" interior.
Tom Maine

Well, at least one thing is appropriate. The "BO" on that old Italian license plate stands for Bologna. Take your pick whether it means the Italian province or just baloney.

J.W. Olson

You can see brass engine ID plates on the TC location left side bell housing and right side front. So likely a replacement engine from years ago, can't read the numbers on the tag. Maybe the odo rolled over and it is 10x,xxx. George
George Butz

Isn't that large ID plate a replacement tag?

t lange

Gee, what would cause the engine to be replaced in only 3,000 miles? Must be a story there! Grin.
D. Sander

Original or not...not a bad price for a TC.
Gene Gillam

Gene - it's a dealer, in Florida, and there are 5 days left. I'm surprised that there are 16 bids already, but clearly not from anyone who knows TC's.

t lange

My TD (1953 TD 25009) shows only 4,700 on the odometer (sadly, it's shown that since 1974).
J K Chapin

Sent him a note..

Dear autoeuropa239,

Hate to burst your bubble, but the TC is a long way from original. Never came with anything but tan canvas tops out the door and black carpet. Fuel pump is garden varity parts house generic. Air filters are off an MGA. Interior panels are aftermarket and poorly done. Worst of all is the bastard VW tail lights and side lights. There is a lot more that isn't original...but that's a good start. Hardly a good example.

And his reply......

Thanks i will check with the consignor

- autoeuropa239
L E D LaVerne

Well done LaVerne. F.W.I.W it does seem to have an original, factory REPLACEMENT engine... I'm still getting a kick out of the "upgrade" to a 12 volt electrical system.
I have a nice all original ax. I have used it for years. I've only replaced the handle twice, and the head once...
D. Sander

I also sent him a note:
"Dear Ed,
Not sure where you got your information, but you might want to reconsider the “claims” being made on this one!
Do some research. …this car is far from “completely original”.
Just from the pictures there appears to be more “wrong” than “right”.
Way too much to go into here, but for starters the VW Super Beatle tail lamps are hideous.
Hope your high-bid isn’t from an attorney!"

The reply I got:
"thank you i will check with the consignor

- autoeuropa239"

David Sheward

And ditto to my email which told him to look at the odometer and see that it says 32K+ miles, not 3.2K+ miles.

Tsk, tsk, tsk...he's going to get sued big time for that ad...
Gene Gillam

Getting pretty close to the price on their website.
Definitly deserves it if they get sued.
David Sheward

$19,600.00 Now!
Hope the bidder knows "what" he is buying is not "what" the ad says it is.
Be interesting to see if this goes for more than the price advertised on their website.
(*only $300 away from that)
David Sheward

The listing was pulled by the seller because the car is no longer available. I wonder if it was sold locally, sold locally for more, or pulled because the seller thought it was worth more?

It might be interesting for someone to send him an e-mail in a few days at his business and ask innocently if it is still available.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

What a crock of BS!
Still listed on his website:

Not sure what kind of game he is playing but I sure as hell would not buy anything from him!

Anybody see the bid go any higher than what I saw?
David Sheward

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