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MG TD TF 1500 - EBay TD

Here is an interesting one,,, I thought it was an honest ad,, restored a few years back, then stored,, good wood, not orig motor, brakes done, couple of chips inthe paint, etc then I saw the pic of the rear brakes!! HHUUMmmm!!!



That is not a TD rear axle. It is a"banjo" type axle. Not sure what it is, early MGB maybe?

D. Sander

That is not a TD rear axle. It is a"banjo" type axle. Not sure what it is, early MGB maybe?
I'd love to pop off one of those rear hub caps, the rear axle is a four lug, with the lug nuts much closer than they are on the TD. Also notice the heater bypass under the dash.

D. Sander

It looks like an MGA rear; there is a pic showing the four bolt rear axle flange plus if you look at the picture of the drive-shaft, it looks like it was changed and re-welded.
Richard Taylor TD3983

I think this is a parts mixture of several cars. Late tail lamps and center windshield motor mount, girling shocks, wrong headlamp switch, the rear axle and brake issues, etc. just to name a few inconsistencies.
Jim Merz

At least it does not have an outragious "BIN" or reserve....not a bad looking car if it does not go much over the $12,600.00 that is bid now.
IMHO : Much better than $7k for a basket case with no motor!
David Sheward

Yes it looks like an MGA rear. Notice that the road wheels are similar, but the rears have less vent holes. Don't get a flat in back, because the spare won't fit! The car does look like a hodgepodge of various production years. The sellor doesn't really make any claims that the car is all origional. In fact, he is upfront that the engine might be non-origional. The general condition of the car looks pretty decent and might make a fun driver, provided that the brakes and parking brake cables can be made to operate properly.
Steven Tobias

Only 4 studs on the rear wheels. Yet the wheels appear correct with the hubcaps on??? Could it be the wheels were redrilled? Curious!
Cheers Bob
Bob Jeffers

Well, someone took it literally when they were told to put an MGA rear end in the TD to make it run better Maybe they were like me and were uncomfortable in changing the actual differential?
Bruce Cunha

Its an MGA rear end. 4 bolt rims are MGA, and with hub caps on they look exactly the same. It has the MGA rear drums on it as well. The parking brake conversion was not done well , so I am guessing that the parking brake would not function well, or at all.
C.R. Tyrell

The swivel pin seals are in terrible shape!
There was, a few years back, a TD parked at a local service station in the same "frigidaire" white with cheap aftermarket black vinyl interior. This is not an attractive color for a TD!
Steven Tobias

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