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MG TD TF 1500 - eBay ' Fridge White TD

I just love reading descriptions of cars being sold by "dealers" who know abslutely nothing about T-series cars. This TD, eBay 270836562555, is being sold by Cyclecrazy LLC, an ATV and motorcycle dealer who describe it as having an original interior and dash, and an upgraded 1500cc engine. The latches need adjusting, as the doors do not stay closed. A new one on me - it is described as "Lot Driven," since they could only drive it around the parking lot! A full 29 images complete the display.

The 'original' leather upholstery was done by a furniture upholsterer in flat steerhide without pleats, and looks pretty slippery. Brown leather wraps the entire interior including the transmission cover and dash, and this car gives new meaning to the phrase, "steering wheel"! The upgraded 1500cc engine is not a T-series engine, nor can be the transmission. The bonnet has the rare extra-large bulge in the LEFT side cover to clear the Vokes air filters...

The doors needing latch adjustment are held sort-of-shut with bungee cords and stick open a few inches, so no amount of latch adjustment will make much difference here. The car, lacking bumpers, is refrigerator white with a good deal of overspray, and the rust coming through looks particularly good against the white. I never knew gas tank ends could look so good painted entirely white over the chrome! I do wish they had used fender welting, since the fender gaps look pretty bad, and had used the gas tank rubber under the straps.

All this and at $5100 it hasn't reached it's reserve, although it has 11 bids. I wonder why? Oh, yes, it also has original tires!

Tom Lange
Bar Harbor, Maine

t lange

Does make one think. Original interior?? I love the Original bulge on the drivers side...
Tom Maine (TD8105)

I forgot to say that it seems to be an MGA/Magnette/Riley engine (don't know what the proper code for those engines is).

Tom Lange
Bar Harbor, Maine
t lange

The seller's last comment - "We did not get the window side curtains but this car need to be driven with the top down anyway." - is (inadvertently) correct ... how else could the, uh, hand-operated w.wipers be operated? HA!

R.G. Linden

It must have an MGA rear end under it also, notice the wheel difference.
to each his own.

Ed Stanfield
ECS Stanfield

It must have an MGA rear end under it also, notice the wheel difference.
To each his own.

Ed Stanfield
ECS Stanfield

Hummm. Slim pickings on eBay lately. I saw a kit car listed the other day listed as "1951 MG TD with VW engine."
D. Sander

The interior reminds me of the coat of many colors.
Richard Taylor TD3983

"1951 MG TD with VW engine."
LOL Surprised it didn't say "upgraded".
This one is still my favorite:

We should give a yearly award for "most clueless advert".
David Sheward

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