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MG TD TF 1500 - Elecrical looms

I am still in aquisition mode with some gold pressed latinum to spend on a wiring harness:) Besides the obvious Moss and Abingdon I have seen advertized in the Hemming book. Recognizing that there can be quite a difference in quality are there some recommendations from those off you who have used any of these wiring looms?
Rod Murray TF3006
Rod Murray

I got mine from British Wiring (US). The price was good (less than Moss), the quality superb and when I had questions they were quick to answer them. The cloth on the loom closely matched the original pattern on the original that I was replacing.

I have also driven it to work every day for a year with no problems. The headlights are brighter too !

Larry Ayres
L Ayres

I used British Wiring. They get their looms from the UK and the quality is superb. Super easy to go through their catalog and select what you want. Some items are extra such as ground braids and wiper wires (which aren't correct, but none of them are. I thought of actually priming my black cloth cover wire gray but decided not to)

My loom is a dash mounted dipper with turn signals, with both the flasher and the relay on the passenger side of the firewall. So it is custom in that area. I think it was an additional $20 to customize it. The only problem was a slight misswire in the headlamp circuit on the sub harness behind the instrument panel which I fixed (it had to do with the dash mounted dipper- I think when they eliminated the floor mounted dipper wires, they got confused on the number of wires needed above. I did not report the problem to them.)

Dave Braun

I used Britishwiring for my TF. Very nice and easy folks to deal with. They also have the outer black vinyl casing in various diameters that was used in many places on the TF for protection. Very reasonable.

A happy customer

Dan H.
Dan Hanson

Thank you very much for your comments:) I ordered the package from British Wiring this morning:)
Rod TF3006
Rod Murray

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